How To Learn English and + On Your Own Using The Internet

Learn how to get the most out of the Internet to learn English or any other language
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You will find the motivation to learn English.


  • You need a very basic knowledge on how to use a computer.
  • Willing to learn.


Here you will learn how to learn English or almost any other language with free resources on the Internet

  • The first thing you will learn is to find your most important reason to learn English.
  • In the next section you will learn the skills that experts learning languages manage to master.
  • In section three you will learn how to develop your own learning method when you learn English.
  • No matter what your level in English is, you will realize that there are all kinds of resources for you to start learning practically from scratch.
  • To achieve fluency in English, in section 5 you will learn about the most advanced resources you can find on the internet. It will surprise you that they are free.
  • The purpose of the course is that you become good enough in English to be the best in a job interview in English. This is what you will learn in section 6.
  • Even when the course is aimed to teach you how to learn English, all the knowledge you will acquire, will be useful to learn almost any other language.

My name is Wilfredo Barrios, and for me it will be an honor to be your instructor in this course. Here you will learn that it is not necessary to depend on other people to learn English, because it is something that can be done on your own, and the only thing you need is your computer and an Internet connection. It's going to be a pleasure to share this knowledge that I have accumulated throughout my self-taught learning process of English.


This course is going to be very different from any other course you have seen on the Internet, because here you will not learn grammar rules or simple tips to learn English. It is a whole new way of taking control of your language learning process.

I will teach you through animations and also videos where you will see the screen of my computer, so you can apply what you learned immediately.

  • Prepare your mind to learn English: The first thing you will learn is that learning a language is something that has nothing to do with boring classes in a classroom, it is something that can be very exciting.
  • Get the skills you need to start: To learn English it is necessary to master certain skills that are indispensable, and that will make your learning process a success. This is what you were not taught in schools about learning English.
  • You have to see yourself as someone able to achieve anything: Here you will learn about some of the methods that people who speak many languages use to learn. You will realize that everything is in the method you use to learn English, and with the help of this course, it is going to be a personal one, specific for you.
  • You will be able to find all kinds of resources on the Internet: You will learn how to perform effective searches on the Internet to find whatever you want. To do so, it is enough with the two largest search engines on the internet. Google and YouTube.
  • Being the best in a job interview in English: The final goal of the course is to learn enough English to excel in an interview for a job in English. There is a complete section devoted to the interview and how to find the information needed to be the best.
  • This information will change your life for good: Although the information in this course is focused on learning the English language, you will realize that everything you will learn, can also be applied to learn other important things for your life.

I had to learn everything you will see in the course on my own. It was something that took me a lot of time of trial and error, experimenting with different methods until I found one that really worked for me and with someone else who has a very different way of learning than mine. Now I know that this course will be very helpful for you.

So, if you're ready ... Let's get start it!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn English in a short time.
  • Anyone who thinks that learning English is difficult.
  • Anyone who wants to stand out in an interview for a job in English.


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Actualmente estoy enseñando cómo aprender inglés en mi canal de YouTube, y lo estoy haciendo enseñando lo que no se enseña en la escuela. En mi caso, tuve la oportunidad de alcanzar un muy buen nivel de fluidez en el inglés aprendiendo algunas cosas que me permitieron alcanzar el sueño de ser bilingüe. Al hacerlo descubrí que realmente me apasiona compartir lo que aprendí durante todo ese proceso.

Ya hace un tiempo comencé a hacer videos para YouTube y ahora quiero llegar a más personas utilizando la plataforma Udemy, la cual ha sido un recurso increíble para obtener un conocimiento increíble sobre varios temas.

Me encanta aprender sobre cosas nuevas y emocionantes, pero sobre todo, me encanta compartir los conocimientos que he adquirido en mi vida. Espero que encuentres mis cursos realmente útiles.

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