How To Lead Like You Own It!
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How To Lead Like You Own It!

Why We Never Wax A Rental Car.
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6 students enrolled
Created by Greg Gilbert
Published 7/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Most importantly, attendees will learn how to make more money for their company AND household. (In that order) (See Course Description.)
  • Improve results by building Educated, Engaged, Accountable teams.
  • Know how to use the leadership tools such as the communication of expectations and progress, praise, Performance Improvement Plans, levels of discipline and terminations to protect livelihoods. Learn to view managers and supervisors as Professionals. Great doctors save lives. Great Leaders save livelihoods.
  • Know the ONLY method of improvement is increasing Education, Engagement and/or Accountability. One request that will determine if this is occurring in your organization. "Show me what you are doing to improve your team."
  • Understand why my high on trust, low on rules team will ALWAYS beat your high on rules, high on trust team and how to establish this trust.
  • Rules Minus A Relationship = Rebellion. The Rebellion in corporate America are the team members that do JUST ENOUGH to get by. This is a cost of Billions to businesses in America.
  • Know how to become a Top 10% Manager
  • Know the importance of Bob’s Rule #1. "If I have to do your job, I don’t need you."
  • Know the value of building a team that knows you are "For Them" instead of "Against Them" or "For Yourself." They will walk through walls for you if you are "For Them." "Against Them" and "For Yourself" produce team members that do "just enough to get by" or leave. This also costs companies Billions.
  • Know the importance of and how to implement the BS (Buffalo System) of leadership
  • Realize that leadership takes guts. When you are first placed in a leadership position, you have more authority and leadership tools than you have knowledge, confidence and guts to use. This phase MUST be measured in a few months, not years.
  • Understand and eliminate the huge ripple effect on lives, careers, results and morale by ignoring poor performers.
  • Learn the contents of an effective leadership tool kit. (Note: This kit does not contain a hammer, screaming, intimidation or belittling others.)
  • Know the huge impact and difference on lives and careers of leaving a legacy rather than just a line item on a résumé.
  • Learn how "The Bucket Story" can change your priorities.
  • Learn why the inability or unwillingness to have “Courageous Conversation” with poor performers disqualifies you for a management position with direct reports.
  • Become familiar with the indescribable feeling of watching a team member totally turn their life and career around. Knowing that by doing all the things above, you contributed to their success rather than enabling their failure.
  • An interest in making more money for your company and your household. (In that order) (See course description)
  • An interest in transitioning from an employee, boss, foreman, supervisor or manager to a Leader.

"How To Lead Like You Own It - Why We Never Wax A Rental Car" will allow individual leaders to make more money for their company AND their household. (In that order)

Let's cut through the fluff, clichés and buzz words. The main reason we choose to be in leadership is to make more money. We want bigger deposits. In order to receive larger deposits, we must make larger deposits into our team and company. The larger the team, the larger the deposits.

For Individual Leaders:

The main reason we;

  • Accept the ridicule of coworkers when we "move to the other side."
  • Give up the opportunity of overtime in some cases for a short term cut in pay called a salary.
  • Spend tens or hundreds of thousands on an education.
  • Uproot our family.
  • Pull our kids out of a school and move across the state or country.

is to make more money. Many will not say those words. Those are the ones that will achieve mediocrity on a regular basis.

We cannot expect greater deposits without contributing a greater deposit. In a leadership position, this is accomplished by multiplying our deposits through a team. 

This course will improve the bottom line of your household AND your company IF APPLIED. Leaders that WILL use the tools in this course to show improvement in high return items like Productivity, Quality, Safety and Attendance are more valuable to their company. Successful companies pay for RESULTS, not tenure.

Can you imagine the long term impact on your personal earnings, savings and investments by being in the Top 10% of your pay scale vs. the base or average pay? (See Lecture #7) This is accomplished by "Becoming Brilliant In The Basics."

The transition from a follower/employee to a Leader/Owner mindset raises expectations of yourself and your company. Improved results look much more impressive on a résumé than your title and responsibilities from January, 20xx to Current. In leadership, NOTHING pays better than RESULTS. PLUS, Leaders with a Leader/Owner mindset expect to be paid more than follower/employees. If you don't expect it, you will NOT work for it.

For Employers and Companies:

The ONLY method to improve results and increase your deposits is through the increase of Education, Engagement and Accountability. This course is a deposit in the Education of your leadership team. The benefits to you are shown in the lesson titles.

The cost of this program will be recovered many times over by correcting just one poor performer on quality, quantity, safety or attendance. (See Lesson 25) HR studies state that as your employee, I should bring in or save you three times what you pay me in wages or salary for you to remain profitable. Your high performers cost you absolutely nothing because of the value they bring.

You need leaders capable of improvement, not maintenance. Money is critical to the sustainability of every company. Increase the Educational deposits in your team and your financial deposits, (profits) increase. If not, there is a lack of Engagement and/or Accountability. These are all a responsibility of leadership and are covered in "How To Lead Like You Own It - Why We Never Wax A Rental Car."


Your title and tenure do not make you a leader. You can be a Lead Person, Foreman, Supervisor, Manager, VP, HR Manager or Entrepreneur. You can be in your position for three hours or three decades. You WILL have one of two mindsets. You will have a Leader/Owner or an employee/follower mindset.

You will be proactive and improve or you will distribute tasks, be reactive and constantly put out fires. "How To Lead Like You Own It - Why We Never Wax A Rental Car" will provide real life lessons to shorten the transition to the Leader/Owner mindset. If you already have the Leader/Owner mindset, the course will help you "get better."

"I'm still the same old me" is a line from a country song. It should NOT be our personal or career mission statement. No one is promoted or placed in a position to help "keep things as they are." Improvement is only achieved by increasing the Education, Engagement or Accountability of all team members; management and non-management.

This course will provide tips, tools and techniques to assist you in improving RESULTS. RESULTS, not tenure or titles, produce businesses that are sustainable. RESULTS protect livelihoods. RESULTS can produce promotions and are your best hope at anything close to job security in today's business environment.

This course is based on real life successes, failures and what led to each. It is based on decades of leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching experience. It is designed to shorten the transitions from employee to supervisor or manager to leader. It is also designed to shorten the transition from leader to becoming a great leader.

This improvement is not accomplished by lectures. This improvement is accomplished by giving you real life examples of what works and what fails. This improvement is accomplished by inspiring you to answer each of these four questions;

1. What can I stop?

2. What can I start?

3. What can I improve?

4. What can I repeat?


Your transition to a great leader depends on your willingness to answer these four questions, follow through and take OWNERSHIP of your results. Great leaders improve RESULTS. Improving RESULTS provides the best shot at company sustainability, career advancement and job security. "How To Lead Like You Own It" gives you the tools, if utilized, to capitalize on YOUR best shot.

Who this course is for:
  • Team Leaders, Foremen, Managers, Supervisors and HR Managers with and without direct reports wanting to do more in leadership than distribute tasks and put out fires. There is something for the new and seasoned leader.
Course content
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+ Introduction
31 lectures 02:33:47
The Three Legged Stool Of Leadership
The Success Snapshot
How To Be A Top 10 Percent Leader
The Leadership Tool Box
If It's Not Written It Didn't Occur
The Dangers Of A Family Environment.
Any Great Leaders Born Here?
The Value Of Coaching
Your Influence Will Go Deeper Than An Organization Chart
Leadership Takes Guts!
Reward Results NOT Seniority
Put Me On Discipline PLEASE!
The BS (Buffalo System) Of Leadership
What Is Your Culture?
How To Change A Culture.
Good Enough For Government Work?
The Two High Two Low Test
I've Talked To Him Eight Times. Let's Fire Him
Terminations - Uncomfortable But NOT Unnecessary
Golden Rule Of Leadership Plus Five Huge Nuggets.
Balancing Work And Life (The Bucket Story)
Are You An Amateur Or Professional?
What Is Your Legacy? Not When You Are Gone. Now!
The Best Advice For Leaders. Get All In Or Get Out.
What Will Spark Your Start? Will You Be A 10 Percenter?
What Happens When Leaders Get It Right