How to Improve Your Video Editing Skills

Learn useful tips and tricks to create a memorable travel video using your camera, Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro
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Create a memorable travel video.
Apply presets in Adobe Lightroom.
Learn to use Adobe Premiere Pro.
Plan smartly before shooting for footages.
Learn the tools needed for creating an awesome short film.
Learn how to travel with baby.


  • Students will need to have Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom installed in PC.


Learn how to improve your video editing skills the fastest way. Get tips and tricks on how you can achieve making a great family travel video by drawing inspiration from great works of great artists. 

This course also includes lessons on:

  • How to plan for shooting for your film effectively
  • How to filter using Adobe Lightroom
  • How to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Where to get inspirations for your movies
  • Basic tools and editing softwares for video editing

We were inspired to learn how to create family travel videos by the short movie called "Move" by independent film maker Rick Mereki. We tried to do our version of the film and in the process of doing our version, we've learned a lot of useful things which we can use for our future video editing projects. 

Who this course is for:

  • In this course, students will learn how I've made a memorable family travel video by getting an inspiration from the movie "Move" by Rick Mereki. We've made our version of the short film and in the process of reverse-engineering, we have learned tips and tricks which we are teaching in this course.


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