How to Help Kids with Autism Acquire New Tastes

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The Best Hobbies and Activities for Autistic Kids: What Most will Truly Excel in


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Ever wondered why kids with autism are in some ways, picky eaters? Ever wondered what they don't seem so interested in sports? Ever wondered about their taste for bone dry cereal? Ever wondered why some of them greatly enjoy pony play? It's a very, very broad spectrum, regarding the way Temple Grandin used an industrial squeeze shoot as a calming mechanism, and her own aunt didn't take it seriously. That’s what I’ll discuss a lot of at this conference and a number of other experiences I had in my youth. At the same time, though, they can sometimes still find other kids weird. For example, I grew up finding it weird, how some people liked pineapple as a pizza topping, because pizza is greatly known as a savory dish like chicken pot pie. Nonetheless, I am no culinarian by any means. A culinary responsibility would be a huge problem for me, because of the ever hectic dinner rush and because those guys and gals have to work holidays. Labor day, The Fourth of July, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and even Christmas Day. Easter, Halloween, and Christmas are not just national holidays to me, but also religious matters, and in very much of the autistic community, major holidays are like a huge part of the annual routine.

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  • Introduction
  • You CAN Do it (Part 1)
  • You CAN Do it (Part 2)
  • Automotive Tastes
  • What Tastes did I Never Acquire?


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