Be Solid Training Program: Recover From Broken Relationships
4.5 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Be Solid Training Program: Recover From Broken Relationships

Recover from rejection & abandonment trauma, grow in self-love, & heal emotional wounds to transform into your best self
4.5 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
9 students enrolled
Created by D Grant Smith
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Recover from rejection and abandonment trauma
  • Gain inner peace after emotional loss and pain
  • Recover from heartbreak, divorce, or end of relationship
  • Simple meditation and breathing exercises for increased inner peace and clarity
  • Practical tools for self-love & self-care that can be used anytime
  • How to trust yourself and others after heartbreak
  • Recover from being cheated on
  • Freedom from mental and emotional wounds after the end of a relationship
  • How to remove toxic people from your life
  • Tools and methods to practice to attract your ideal mate and true love into your life (that actually works!)
  • How to build a strong support system around you of healthy and whole people.
  • How to build the best healthy relationships and friendships
  • How to operate with wisdom and clarity daily for best choices and decisions
  • How to forgive people from painful experiences of the past so you can move on
  • None

You are worth fighting for! So is your best self and your best life. Especially if you've experienced personal loss or heartbreak from the end of a relationship.

In this course, you’re going to gain the tools and resources to heal your heart and mind from heartbreak so you can become your best self, have the best relationships of your life, love and embrace yourself fully, and attract your ideal partner and true love.

Utilizing key lessons and principles found in the book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole (free copy included in this course), author and relationship coach D Grant Smith teaches a combination of emotional intelligence and self-love to bring complete restoration to your mind and heart following the end of a relationship.

We will address key emotional areas that are impacted by the end of a relationship as well as their causes.

If you've experienced rejections, abandonment and cheating from a former partner or spouse, you will gain the tools needed to heal your heart and mind so that you can move forward in life with peace.

You will also gain powerful self-love and self-care techniques and tools that can be used anytime to free your mind from overthinking, stress, and feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

This course covers areas of mental and emotional health, emotional intelligence, spirituality, healthy relationships, dating and marriage.

Here's what you'll learn and gain with this powerful and transformational course:
*Tools and resources to heal from past relationship trauma including rejection, abandonment, and cheating.

*Recover from heartbreak so that you can move on, trust yourself again, and foster healthy relationships.

*Feel empowered, inspired, and restored throughout this process

*Have strong, healthy and whole relationships in every area of life from family to friendships to work

*Grow in your relationship with yourself, your support system, social circles, spiritual connection with God, and more.

Plus, you will have the step-by-step process to your own personal growth that leads you into being the best version of yourself. It's in this place where you attract the right people and relationships to make your life complete and whole.

All of this culminates with being able to attract and have the best relationship with your dream partner, which you'll learn in a bonus lesson within this training program.

Who this course is for:
  • People searching for real love and are sick of the dating games
  • People who've experienced a breakup and still feel lingering effects of heartbreak
  • People coming out of the end of a relationship
  • People struggling to maintain a healthy dating relationship
  • Divorcees
  • People suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and other mental health issues involving relationships
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 07:59

This course will give you the healing for your mind and heart to recover from a broken relationship. AND, you will learn practical tools to practice love for yourself.

This is ultimately the first step in healing and the BEST way to foster strong and vibrant relationships.

It’s from the place of wholeness where you will attract the ideal partner and true love for yourself.

In this lecture you'll see everything that is covered in this course along with insights into how to apply these methods to your everyday life for further personal growth, development, and success.

Be sure to download the PDF of Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell And Come Out Whole book to use throughout this course.

Preview 03:23

Before we get started, let’s identify what your goals are in this course. You’re here because you want healing and recovery from heartbreak, right? What do you want your life to look like in the next 3-6 months?

Are you committed to following through with this course until its completion? Are you fully committed to doing the exercises and making what you experience here a regular part of your life?

Use this commitment document to choose to love yourself and be committed to this healing process. Recite these commitments now to yourself. It’s essential for you to get the most from this experience.

These commitments are how you will move forward from each lesson to incorporate everything into your life for complete healing and transformation. Make these commitments and then follow through in keeping them.

Preview 00:12
+ Lesson 1: Addressing Past Relationship Wounds
3 lectures 09:34

Rejection. Abandonment. Cheating. Abuse. Any of those sound familiar? What it does to your psyche and sense of self is tragic. Its impact on your work life, friends and family can be detrimental to the health of all of those relationships. It changes how you see yourself and how you love yourself. This lesson will dive into Chapters 2, 3, 7 & 10 of the Be Solid book. Read these chapters as you go through this lesson for additional insight into this part of the healing process.

Preview 02:14

What’s the answer to the problems of the world? Love.

Love has many facets and pieces. We’re going to begin with Kindness. Kindness to yourself is the 1st step in healing from heartbreak.

Kindness has everything to do with how you talk to you and about you. Who you surround yourself with. And your decisions and choices. Everything blends into self-love.

We’ll dig deeper into the soil of self-love because ultimately that’s the solution to our deepest and darkest pains and our worst fears, including heartbreak and relationship trauma.

Preview 05:07

In this exercise, you're going to direct your love and your kindness at a particular person: YOU.

You’re giving yourself the love you deserve and visualizing WHO the target of your love is. You are worth fighting for! With this exercise, you’re fighting for your own heart and mind. You’re reclaiming it from the painful experiences that hurt you and you’re healing yourself with kindness and love.

Do this exercise. Then take a deep breath and move to the 2nd lesson.

Practical Exercise In Kindness
+ Lesson 2: Build Your Strong Circle Support System Of Friends & Mentors
3 lectures 09:37

We’re going to talk about your relationships with friends, family, mentors and others in this lesson.

We’re going to be referencing principles and tools from Chapters 5, 7, 11, 15 and 25.

This lesson is about establishing and building your support system, who to look for when putting this group of people together, how to approach them to help in your healing journey, and why these individuals are so important.

Building Your Strong Circle

Your Strong Circle are the 2-5 people who give you the most help, healing, encouragement and restoration. We don’t do anything alone. That’s why being selective and careful about who you surround yourself with is so important. And why we began this whole course and experience with KINDNESS.

We'll look at the types of people you want in your Strong Circle and the types of people you don't want. Remember, this is your support system. These people provide influence, direction and accountability to you in your healing journey.

The Components Of Your Strong Circle

This decision to change your closest circle of friends and the people you spend time with is just for you, your healing, and your restoration.

You’re worth fighting for! So choose the best people for your healing. Choose the people who provide the best attitude and environment for your peace and wellbeing.

Preview 02:21
+ Lesson 3: Self-Love & Self-Care For Healing, Recovery, Living Your Best Life
4 lectures 14:16

LOVE is the ultimate vehicle for life and transformation. It begins with yourself first. We’re going to reference the principles, methods and tools from Chapters 13, 14, 16, 18, and 20 from the Be Solid book in this lesson. Read that as you go through this lesson and return to it any time you want help with bring LOVE into your life more fully.

You’re approaching your heart and mind with kindness. You’re spending time with quality people and removing negative and toxic influences from your life. These are ways you choose to love, honor, and respect yourself.

Preview 02:30

In this lesson we’re going to look at what LOVE actually is.

Because just about everyone uses the word, and even the phrase “I love you.”

But if you don’t know what love actually is, and you don’t fully love yourself, you won’t be able to recognize real love or fake love when it’s standing in front of you.

Preview 03:53

We can’t control how people treat us, even those closest to us. But we can control how we respect ourselves. Give yourself the love, honor, and devotion you gave to someone else. How?

Remember what we talked about in the first lesson video? Speak to yourself with kindness. We’re going to look at the practice of Self-Love.

Practicing Self-Love

A simple exercise to incorporate this into your life is to use a journal to practice self love everyday. Write a series of affirmations to plant seeds of love and empowerment in your heart and mind garden every day. Then read your affirmations out loud.

The more you encourage and empower yourself, the more love you give to yourself. This is one of the most powerful and important steps in your healing journey.

You’ll attract people who operate out of love and have healthier relationships.

Get the details on how to incorporate this practice into your everyday life with this simple exercise.

+ Lesson 4: Making Healthy & Responsible Decisions & Choices With Newfound Peace
3 lectures 09:27

In this lesson we’re going to look at the decisions and choices you make when you operate out of self-love and love for others.

LOVE changes the game when it’s real, healthy and whole.

We’re going to look at lifestyle choices, relationships, and other decisions you make that have a massive impact on your mental health, as well as your transformation out of heartbreak and into wholeness.


Be mindful of what your decisions and choices you are with your friends and when you’re by yourself.

Remember, you’re planting peace and love inside of yourself. This is more than just the mantras and affirmations you write and recite to yourself.

You plant inside yourself all sorts of things by what you watch, listen to, and take in.

In this lecture and lesson we'll look at what healthy choices help you move forward into better relationships with others and yourself. And you'll see what choices will keep you bound up in toxicity and unhealthy patterns.

A Closer Look At Healthy/Unhealthy Lifestyle Decisions

Listen to your body and your mind and your heart. And your spirit. All 4 parts of you will communicate to you about what it healthy and what isn’t if you’ll be discipline enough to listen. Honor yourself.

In this exercise you'll see how to incorporate everything you've learned so far to make healthier decisions and choices to keep yourself in kindness and love as the way you operate, and what you attract more of into your life.

Practical Exercise
+ Lesson 5: Forgiveness Of People & Experiences To Heal & Move On
3 lectures 08:42

What we’ll work on in this lesson incorporates principles you’ve read in Chapters 9 and 10 of the Be Solid book. We’ll also dig into some of what is covered in chapters 23, 25, and 27.

What about those memories and past pains that caused you so much hurt and trauma? Is healing just a matter of changing your mind and your social circle?

What do you do about the memories of pain, and even potentially coming into contact with the people who caused you the most hurt? In this lesson we’ll look at how to let go of the past so that it doesn’t trap you into a never-ending cycle of pain.

You’ll learn how to experience freedom and gain the tools to move on in peace.

Preview 01:40

This lesson is focused on an essential element that truly heals the wounds in your heart and mind. It’s a process, not a one time thing, just like self-love.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” -Buddha

We’re talking about forgiveness now because it’s a part of the emotional and mental process of healing.

Lessons & Principles Of Forgiveness

Let’s do a simple exercise that will help you forgive and move on. There are several iterations of this activity. This is what’s worked for countless clients and attendees at my workshops and speeches. It's also what's worked for me.

You do need a pen, a piece of paper, and a small box.

Practical Forgiveness Exercise
+ Lesson 6: Spirituality & Connection With Almighty Love (God) For Wholeness
4 lectures 15:28

Spirituality is one of the 4 essential elements of the human story. We are a combination of our emotions (heart), thoughts (mind), body and spirit (soul). LOVE is the center-piece and creator of all of who we are. This principle is throughout the Be Solid book, so there’s not one specific chapter for you to reference in this lesson.

But I do encourage you to read Chapter 29, titled To Be Solid Will Take All Of You, as it incorporates your spiritual journey into the other areas of your life.

This lesson delves deeper into what spirituality is, how the Divine is interwoven in our lives, and practical exercises to connect with your spiritual nature, including prayer.

It doesn't matter whether what your religious affiliation or denomination is, or if you're not religious at all. You'll gain much from this section.


God is LOVE. What else is love? Or rather, who else is love? Remember my affirmation from Lesson #3? "I am love."

We partner with God to live life to the fullest. Always remember that God is LOVE. LOVE is the force that creates life and makes all things new. That includes you too.

This lecture explores how we are intertwined with Almighty Love and the impact that has on our lives and our relationships.

Connecting With Almighty Love

This exercise will be a bit longer, but it’s well worth your time. And once you learn this, you can use it any time of day to connect with yourself, clear your mind, and tap in to the infinite LOVE of the universe and God.

Have you ever tried the amazing power of meditation? Are you familiar with it and how it works?

If not, that’s ok. We’re going to dig into the soil of meditation with this simple breathing exercise that's a powerful introduction into the world of meditation and clearing your mind.

Simple Meditation & Breathing Exercise

Put it simply: This lecture shows you how to pray to make real connection with Divine Love.

Prayer isn’t limited to religious people or religious places. It’s a conversation with the divine. And you can do it outloud or in your head.

What do you say in a prayer? What do you ask God for?

Ask God for help. If you’re an incredibly strong self-reliant person, that may stretch you. If you struggle asking for anything out of a sense of worthiness, that may stretch you too. But needing help is a part of the human story.

And asking for help from God is a part of the spiritual journey of every human being.

Even Jesus did it.

Exercise In Prayer That Heals & Connects With Divine Love
+ Bonus: Attracting Your Ideal & Perfect Partner, Soulmate, and True Love
1 lecture 07:13

At the beginning of this course I told you that you’d learn how to attract true love into your life. This can be a difficult concept if you’re just coming out of a breakup or the end of a long-term relationship or marriage. Give yourself time to heal.

As you heal and as you learn about how your past experience showed you the things that love is NOT, it will become more clear to you what you don’t want to experience in a future relationship.

But that’s not where you’re going to put your focus and attention. Actually, you’re going to focus on attracting LOVE that feels like LOVE.

In this Bonus section, you'll learn what steps to take to attract the love you want most into your life. You'll see how to recognize real love and how to identify the True Love that your heart has been searching for. Once you know what steps to take, do them and surrender the process to Divine Love to make it happen.

How To Attract True Love Into Your Life
+ Conclusion
1 lecture 02:43

These lessons and pieces are the essential elements of the Be Solid journey to healing and wholeness. Using these tools and practices daily is how you recover from past relationship trauma, heal from heartbreak, and bring peace into your life by BE-ing the peace you seek.

As you grow in LOVE and embrace what LOVE is, you BEcome the Love you seek.

Use the teachings, lectures, practical exercises and resources in this course in your every day life to experience full transformation into the best version of yourself. Don't stop doing what you've been doing in this course. Keep it going!

And please share your story and your results with me. I love hearing from students and connecting more with people to know how this has impacted you. If you have any questions or want more information on this process, communicate with me by leaving a comment or asking a question. Thank you!

Moving Forward & Using These Tools To BE Your Best Self