How to Get Rid of Head Trash

Overcome self-limiting beliefs
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Superior, entertaining videos that reinforce a strong message.
Practical and proven methods and principles that will help you overcome negative self-talk.
Identify destructive mindsets.
Eliminate self-limiting beliefs.
Steps to decide to be “enough.”
Learn how to develop a new skill in a technical field.
Define your personal purpose.
Easy way to start a successful journal.
Download an easy to use goal sheet you can use right away


  • An open mind and commitment to follow through.


The definition of head trash is when someone tells you junk or lies to get into your head.  It’s the script that runs through your thoughts that keeps you from taking positive action.

Many times it’s your own negative mindset that holds you back! This course, if you choose to take it and apply it, will change that mindset. 

You will stop blaming others and take on the personal responsibility of your own future! Overcome your self-limiting beliefs!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who desires to grow and build a solid future base personally and professionally.
  • Women at mid life. (halftime)
  • Recent college grads.
  • Those going through life changes personally and professionally, finding themselves stuck.
  • Those who have a hard time making a dream a reality.
  • Those who desire significance as well as success.


Deborah Johnson
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 94 Reviews
  • 3,081 Students
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DEBORAH JOHNSON, helps others get unstuck, ridding bad mental code to reach realistic goals. Deborah is an award-winning entertainer with deft piano and vocal skills and uses those skills, when appropriate, in her speaking presentations. She has performed on many stages around the world as well as served as a first-call pianist for Disney for over twenty years. With a Masters Degree, she has taught every level through graduate school, receiving many awards for her innovative methods and abilities. Up for multiple Grammy Awards, Deborah is a prolific writer of musicals, hundreds of songs and multiple books, launching two world-premieres of her large musicals. She is able to successfully help others reach their goals with proven principles gleaned from her expansive training and research.

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