How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression Forever (in Hindi)

Overcome with Anxiety and Depression( Course language Hindi)
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Students will learn in this course how they can remove their past painful memory Phobia Fear unwanted sound forever from their life and live happy n joyful state of life.


  • Students need to identify their painful memory event sound so that they can easily remove with this techniques


How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression - Forever

This course is basically help students to move out from anxiety depression phobia fear past painful memory with unique and simple techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),

Remove past painful memory with TV exercise,

Remove Phobia with rewind technique

Remove Mute unwanted sound and bad words/discussion of past

Neuro logical alignment

Full body relaxation technique to remove anxiety and stress....

Who this course is for:

  • All students who are suffering from Anxiety Stress Depression phobia Fear or ant psychometric diseases.


NLP Coach | Corporate Trainer
Asshwin Dubey
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
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Asshwin Dubey is a Certified – NLP Coach and Corporate Trainer

Subconscious Reimprinting NLP Life Coach, Train The Competent Life Coach, Train The Trainer- Master level, Corporate Trainer- Expert Level, Business Growth Expert, Wellness Coach, and a life-transforming Speaker.

He has more than 20 years of corporate experience in FMCG, Telecom, Durable and Retail Banking, and in Training Industry.

He believes that every individual is unique, training and coaching help them to transform their life for growth and success to live a happy and healthy life.

He is self-motivated individual, responsible, and committed to add value in society with empathetic, compassionate, and ‘Open to Learn’ attitude, helps people to transform and build their self-Image as confident, happy individual, and professional.

He likes Observing & understanding different cultures with high interpersonal skills, had a rich corporate experience as a professional and thorough insight on the corporate training needs, this absolutely helps him to dynamically structure and design his training to the high level of standards.

He is passionate about transforming people towards better behavioral skills, team building, guiding people in managing stress, time and persuading them to indulge in creative thinking and innovation, his Training and coaching sessions are highly interactive, thought-provoking and uses real-life experiences to make the session more impactful with fun.

My mission is to make, by 2024, the life of at least 1million people by inspiring and empowering them to achieve the peak performance in all the areas of their life be it in health, wealth, relationships, career, work to lead happy & Stress-free life.

My purpose is to bring smiles back into their life- not only by removing their past painful memories but also by making the present better along with creating positive patterns for the future, so that everyone is joyful, collaborative, and able to deliver extraordinary results in their personal and professional life.

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