How To Get Clarity And Find Your Purpose In Life

Discover The 5 Reasons Why You Feel Lost Or Stuck In Life
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The 5 Reasons Why You Are Lost or Stuck In Life
The 5 Stages Of Life's Journey
How To Breakthrough All Limitations In Life
How To Rediscover Your Passion And True Vision
How To Identify Your Personal Values And Get Clarity Breakthrough


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Do you wake up everyday feeling miserable

Are you doing the same things over and over again, while feeling completely empty inside?

Do you feel like your life has no purpose

Are you simply existing, one tiring day after another?

Do you feel like every time you decide to make a change, life seems to get in the way

Throwing you obstacles, struggles, pain and suffering?

I’m here to remind you that:

You were born to stand out in this world.

You are a pure and powerful creative being.

You have gifts inside you that are just waiting to come out.

Your purpose in life is to bring these gifts out to serve the world.

All it takes is for you to have the courage to take your first step out of your comfort zone.


This FREE Clarity Power Training will help you achieve exactly that!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is Lost or Stuck in Life.


Co-Founder of Limit Break Lifestyle
Ich Loc
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 174 Reviews
  • 7,336 Students
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Ich Loc is the co-founder of Limit Break Lifestyle, an expert in the field of Clarity Coaching and Leadership Development, and consider the distribution of this expertise as his purpose in life.

He offer this primarily through his Clarity Power Day, High-level Inner Leadership and Advanced Leadership Training. 

His passion is leadership and lifestyle transformation and can often be found speaking at events as another way to contribute and serve.

Ich is committed to sharing his priceless knowledge on how you can live your truth; create what you love and live life on your terms...

A Life With No Limits!


A Word From Ich Loc:

"Growing up without any sense of direction or purpose in life, my passion was buried and eventually became a dropout student from university. As a result, I spent the remaining years of my youth being lost, simply existing from day to day and never truly living.

I turned my life around after spending seven years on a never ending journey of learning in self-awareness, becoming a seeker of truth by immersing myself in entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development.

Now I am an Intuitive Leader, inspirational speaker, expert in the field of intuitive leadership development, transformational training and creative life coaching.

My vision and mission in life is to create world class leaders who will make an impact in this world, while aiming to also help individuals who are currently lost or stuck in life to find their clarity and true purpose."

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