How to Get a Raise or Promotion

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Have confidence in asking for a raise or promotion
Know if you are being paid what you're worth
Understand the process of asking for a raise or promotion from start to finish
List and share your accomplishments
Understand the average amount of a raise
Have the right mindset going into the process


  • Know your current salary
  • Decide if you're pursuing a raise or promotion
  • Know the timeframe and amount of your last pay raise


Is there a career change on your horizon?

Do you feel undervalued in your current job? Either in pay or position? 

Are you having these kinds of questions?

  • How do I ask for a raise or promotion?

  • What’s the process?

  • Is it just going to happen?

  • Do I just need to ask?

  • How much should I ask for?

You’re not alone. In fact, only half of U.S. workers ask for a raise from their employer. And of those that ask, less than half of them actually receive the raise they request?

  • It’s not as simple as asking. But you have to ask.

  • It’s not as simple as being great at your job. But you have to be great.

  • It’s not enough to make a list of your accomplishments. But you have to make a list.

Successfully asking for and receiving a raise or promotion is an art and a science. 

It takes work in order to know what matters to your boss, how to prove your value, and how to make the case for why your raise or promotion is warranted. But it takes a mindset and a certain approach to really make a compelling case, and then follow through from start to finish

 You can Google yourself to death trying to learn the secrets. Or you can take an immediate crash course in how to get a raise or promotion and get right to what matters. There are a lot of great courses and resources out there but if you're looking for one that gets right to the point without draining your brain, this is the one for you. 

This course is as simple as it gets.

If you're looking for an easy-to-understand, practical, and straightforward program then this is where to start. If you're early on in your career or just looking for some valuable insights (and a kick in the pants) on how to chase after your raise, then get let's get started!

  • No-nonsense quick videos that get right to the point

  • Downloadable worksheets (PDF fillable)

  • Solid balance of mindset/measurement approach

"I'll get you started, you take it the rest of the way. Now go get your raise!" - Jon Barnes

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals
  • Business people
  • Young professionals
  • Those looking to advance their career


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Jon Barnes
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A true creative communicator, Jon has experienced enough seemingly disconnected careers in his short lifetime to confuse any guidance counselor. Charging ahead with the realization that creativity can be applied to any profession, Jon currently works at a MD-based advertising agency where he leads a thriving content marketing practice. Speaking frequently on all things content, digital, viral and creative, Jon has run his own advertising and design firm, served in full time youth ministry, and worked marketing for a regulatory consulting firm and legal practice dedicated to helping clients succeed in FDA regulation, approvals, labeling and inspections. His finest work has involved unicorns and trade show pranks, hand-painted car murals, neon lights, meteorological impostering, car design, executive ghost writing, and ancient Greek. 

He holds an Undergraduate Degree in Bible and Theology from Washington Bible College, a Master’s Degree in Modern Studies from Loyola University Maryland, and after flirting with a Doctoral program eventually decided making YouTube videos was a better investment of energy. Jon is married and has 4 boys and is also the author of Creative Threads, a career-finding and entrepreneurship handbook for students and young professionals (2018 Apprentice House Publishers). 

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