Remove Emotional Blocks, Overcome Fear, Anxiety, Frustration

Winning Mind: Remain Unaffected and Master Your Inner Peace
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Build your emotional awareness and become confident in expressing your emotions
Remove the emotional blocks
Overcome fear and control your actions. Use fear as a catalyst for change
Wisely manage your emotional reactions
Retrain your subconscious mind for positive behavioral change
Build personal connections and navigate social complexities
Understand highly emotional intelligent people's habits and what they do differently


  • Commit to developing new ways of thinking about yourself and others.
  • Be willing to transform the empowering emotions into positive actions and behaviors.


Make a conscious choice to boost your Happiness. This course helps you to consciously choose Emotions, Attitudes and Behaviors that lead to Happiness.

Psychological Researches showed that about 40% of your Happiness is in Your Hands. 

I designed this course to help you choose the right emotions, thoughts and behaviors that can lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

Do you intend to be influential in all aspects of your personal life? Then it’s time to look into removing Emotional Blocks, Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Frustration.

The truth is that today the world is ultra-connected. Do you want to take control on how people see you? Then you need to assume full responsibility for the way you use your emotions.

The course is designed for anyone willing to wisely manage emotional reactions. Anyone who wants to find out what highly emotionally intelligent people do differently and what are their habits.

The course is essential for anyone who wants to strengthen his/her self-awareness, become more confident and stronger in managing and expressing emotions, create powerful behavioral change and improve his/her interpersonal skills. 

This course is a powerful tool to build a constructive behavior. It contains powerful methods to give up to the old learned compulsive patterns and learned behaviors of self-destruction.

The driving force behind every emotional intelligence success is represented by the beliefs and the learning at the subconscious level. This is why we will focus on how to retrain your subconscious mind for positive behavioral change.

This course will benefit you in both your personal and professional life. After consistently and constantly applying my strategies, in maximum 8 weeks, they will become NATURAL for you!

I would be honored to read your feedback on how my course help you shaping your emotional radar.

Thank you,


Who this course is for:

  • Definitely take this course if you are tired of being average, want more from life, but have no idea how to get there.
  • Anybody who wants to develop the mature emotional intelligence skills required to better understand and negotiate with other people, empathize and navigate social complexities.
  • You shouldn't take this course if you don't want to progress.


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Nicole Vasilescu
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Udemy Course Creator | Personal Brand Coach | Increase Performance Learner | Experienced in Learning and Development


14 years of proven expertise in start-ups, project management, training, sales as well as operational support activities like training and people development programs in various industries: BPO, Automotive, IT.

My key drivers for building professional and long duration relationships are the excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with business acumen, analytical and creative thinking, strong will and determination. These are as well the skills that I teach and which are the core of my professional interests.


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  • 1. I teach students how to stay competitive and become an adaptable leader
  • 2. I share from my experience in motivating people to increase engagement, inspiration, performance and productivity
  • 3. I have created solutions and programs that focus on five practice areas – personal brand, persuasion & negotiation skills, soft skills, leadership and productivity

My personal mission is to educate and empower others to use their skills and their talents, their own experience and their emotional intelligence in an authentic way.

My greatest passion is to bring direction, creativity, and enthusiasm to professionals looking to engage their true self-expression in the world.

I also focus on making people aware about what they are known for and how other experience them.

I am your skilled partner and I am here to help you transition from who you are to who you want to become and have an active role in this direction.

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