HOW to Focus for Golf when Learning, Practicing & Competing
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HOW to Focus for Golf when Learning, Practicing & Competing

Learn HOW to focus your ATTENTION in those critical SECONDS before, during and after golf shots in this Golf Training
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4.9 (34 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
289 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Understand HOW to focus your Attention for golf
  • Play golf FREE of conscious swing thoughts
  • Learn how to TRUST your technical skills.
  • Play golf with Quiet Eyes and a Quiet Mind
  • Play Target, not Outcome, Oriented Golf
  • A desire to improve your performance through improved practice techniques.

This course reveals why learning how to SWING GOLF CLUBS and learning how to PLAY GOLF are very different skills, both of which require deliberate and independent practice. Many try the former, so few experience the latter, mistakenly striving to consciously control their actions/clubs.

Unfortunately this traditional approach INHIBITS your potential when learning, practicing and competing.

Existing golf coaching practices worldwide do not SYSTEMATICALLY explain or train the golfers Attentional Focus when learning, practicing and playing resulting in a wide range of frustrating symptoms, both physical and psychological. This course closes that significant education gap. NO tips. NO quick fixes.

The purpose of this course is to help you understand HOW to focus your attention appropriately when developing technical skills, practicing on the range and competing out on the golf course.

You may have noticed that you do not play great golf whilst thinking about your swing/stroke but how can you regularly play without swing thoughts if you only practice with them? HOW can you SHIFT your attention away from technique and experience performance both in practice on range and play on course? You must significantly change the way you practice golf.

This course uniquely explains HOW to TRAIN and most significantly TRUST your technical skills.

Learning HOW to keep your attention locked on target (enabling an external focus), whilst looking at the ball and executing your swing is the challenge of golf. The target is often missed due to erroneous conscious thoughts about your swing, the ball and or un/desirable outcomes in the SECONDS prior to or during execution. Consequently, your attention is frequently OFF target and undesirable outcomes often result. Herein lies the reason why your golf performances are so variable. Poor attentional focus lies at the heart of them.

The key attributes of successful golfers explained within this golf training program include:

  • State Management
  • Concentration
  • Attentional Focus
  • Targeting
  • Visualization
  • Acceptance

Please contact Colin for your complementary 1 hour remote coaching session via Skype to answer any questions you may have which will assist with the practical application of the skills.

Golf is a challenging mind game but an excellent vehicle for the development of valuable life skills. This unique program is essential for anyone who attempts to play the game. If you've ever asked your self "Why can't I do that ALL the time?" herein lie the answers.

You will never MASTER the game of golf but you can aspire to PLAY it, so take this unique golf instruction program now and learn to AIM accurately and consistently.

Who this course is for:
  • Dedicated Golfers
Course content
Expand all 24 lectures 05:26:29
+ Laying the foundations
7 lectures 01:25:19

Welcome to Target Oriented Golf.

This is a 1 hour interview recorded several years ago in which we discuss the benefits of learning TOG.

"An introduction to Attentional Focus and why it lies at the heart of how you learn, practice and play in competition"

Preview 01:11:02

It is essential to identify YOUR golfing philosophy.

Your philosophy dictates your approach to practice and play, a good coach can SUPPORT your philosophy.

If a coach advocates a ball, body, club or outcome focus this will inhibit your ability to learn and play TOG.

So where do YOU want your ATTENTION when hitting a golf ball? On target or somewhere else?

Preview 3 pages
Reading: The Evolution of Golf Coaching
2 pages
Reading: What were you thinking?
2 pages

Academic research supporting the benefits of an external focus when learning and playing. If research papers don't interest you, maybe just read the introduction and conclusion sections. You do not need to understand or read the research methods but if you do, see if you can notice the limitations of the research methods employed.

Reading: Attentional Focus...
6 pages
+ Self Assessments
3 lectures 00:00
Take a few moments to fill out this self assessment BEFORE you watch the videos.
Exercise: Pre-Course Self Evaluation
3 pages
Take a Snapshot of where you are today and focus on improving your less proficient skills.
Exercise: Create your Performance Star
1 page

This is an aid for parents who wish to help their child understand the content of each lecture. Slowly introduce the content, one lecture at a time, let them answer the questions and discuss their comprehension of the content.

Student Assessment (for parents helping their children)
3 pages
+ Target Oriented Golf Training Manual by Dr Anthony Piparo
1 lecture 00:00

The Target Oriented Golf Training Manual was written by Dr Anthony Piparo. It explains in detail how to use attentional focus techniques to improve the development of the motor skills required to swing golf clubs.

Regardless of the swing theory you champion, the use of Dr Piparo's training techniques will ensure you develop your motor skills more efficiently and more accurately both at home and on the range.

If you need help applying his techniques, remote coaching services are available from Dr Piparo at

The training manual is a large pdf file (23MB) and can be downloaded.
Reading: Target Oriented Golf Training Manual
125 pages
+ The Theory
6 lectures 44:35

Why does consistent golf performance remain so elusive irrespective of how much you practice?

How can you trust in the heat of competition that which you only continue to doubt in your practice?

You have to learn how to stop focusing on your technique in order to trust it - that's when we PERFORM life skills.

VIDEO: Are you learning how to play golf or swing golf clubs?

What is the difference between your Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivations for playing golf?

Understanding WHY you are hitting golf balls will improve your ACCEPTANCE after your shot outcomes.

A key component for emotional control on the golf course is acceptance AFTER playing a golf shot.

VIDEO: Why do you play Golf? - Developing Acceptance

Your state matters - respect it at all times!

VIDEO: The Peace Bubble - State Management Matters
Are you trying to manage the symptoms or dealing with the source?
VIDEO: The Swing Killer - Anxiety destroys Performance

Target or Outcome? What's the difference?

VIDEO: Time Travel - Awareness of Mind
The Target is only occasionally the same as your desired Outcome. So where is your attention when executing?
VIDEO: Concentration - A Precious Resource
+ The Practice
2 lectures 13:31
Assess, Plan, Practice and Execute. Repeat from 1st tee to last green.
VIDEO: The Process - Building Mental Discipline
How to empty your 'bucket' before you step in to play a golf shot.
VIDEO: Shot Execution - Find Your Flow
+ The Application
5 lectures 26:03
Reading: What's Your Target?
3 pages
Why does my great swing in practice seem to disappear when I get involved in competitive play?
VIDEO: Putting the Theory into your Practice - On the Range

The putter is designed to hit balls in a straight line, a golfer's inappropriate focus can stop this occurring.

IF you can read the correct line for the putt and choose your target on that line, you may get your desired outcome - ball in the hole, gravity does the work. You have to impart the appropriate amount of energy required to move your ball towards your chosen TARGET, which then rolls on towards the hole. 

On breaking putts the ball will break towards the hole before it hits your chosen target. It is common to think the HOLE is always your target but it rarely is unless you have a straight, flat putt. It will, however, always be your DESIRED OUTCOME. 

You will always be AWARE of the hole but rarely do you need your ATTENTION on your desired outcome because this can promote many faults in the putting stroke. Pushing/pulling/yips etc are common SYMPTOMS of an outcome orientation and/or attempts to consciously control your stroke, which can destroy your physical flow. 

You hopefully now appreciate the consequences of being an outcome focused as opposed to a target oriented golfer.

TOG Putting Demonstration with PGA Tour Caddy

  • The better you get at focusing on your targets and accepting your outcomes the lower your score.

    Assess how well you commit to the process for each shot and you'll see a direct relationship to your desired outcomes.

    VIDEO: Taking your TOG practice to the Course