How to Earn by Uploading Videos on Dailymotion

Learn to earn from Dailymotion now!
Free tutorial
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (138 ratings)
6,743 students
How to Earn by Uploading Videos on Dailymotion
Free tutorial
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (138 ratings)
6,743 students
Sign up and configure basic settings
Upload non-monetized videos
Become a partner and create their own channel
Upload monetized videos to earn revenue
Create and edit playlists
Use the website monetization feature to earn revenue
Use the analytics feature to review channel performance
Setup payment method in order to receive payments


  • You should be able to use a computer at beginner level and have access to the Internet

This course introduces you to Dailymotion which is a popular video sharing platform that is still making its mark in the video sharing market. Since its inception, Dailymotion has experienced a high growth in usage and offered a new way for video creators to earn online. Given the recent announcements made by Youtube regarding its strict monetization guidelines, now is the time to learn how to earn on Dailymotion which is more flexible. 

This course will teach you to how to:

- Sign up for a Dailymotion account and start uploading videos

- Become a Partner of the Dailymotion earning program

- Create your monetized channel from scratch on Dailymotion

- Upload videos to your Dailymotion channel that are monetized

- Use the Emed feature of Dailymotion to earn more revenue through your blog/website

- Set up your payment method for receiving money that you earn from Dailymotion

- Use other features offered by Dailymotion such as Analytics etc

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to earn money by uploading videos on Dailymotion
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to use Dailymotion
  • Anyone starting out in online earning using videos and website embedding
  • Anyone exploring video sharing platforms to earn money
Course content
7 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 22m total length
  • Signing Up and Basic Settings
  • How to Upload Your First Video (Non-Monetized)
  • How to Become a Partner of Dailymotion and Start Creating Your Channel
  • Complete Channel Creation
  • Upload and Edit Details of Monetized Videos
  • Playlists: Create, Edit and Delete
  • Embed: Website Monetization
  • Embed: Logo Conversion to PNG
  • Overview of Analytics
  • Earnings and Payment Method Settings
  • Marketing Tips to Maximise Earnings
  • End of Course Quiz
    10 questions

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Vinay Kumar
  • 3.6 Instructor Rating
  • 138 Reviews
  • 6,743 Students
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i am a professional who is passionate about learning new things and sharing his knowledge to help others. I believe being able to earn online is the new "in-thing" and everyone should learn and utilize this great platform to earn a passive income. I also believe that being up to date with and knowing how to use new technology and software is important in this digital age.  

Over the years, I have acquired extensive experience and knowledge in using various software programs and online platforms that perform different functions like MS Excel, Dailymotion, Youtube, MS Powerpoint, GIMP, Lightroom etc.

I hope to share my experience and knowledge with you so I can help you. Happy learning.