Shear force & bending moment diagram - Important Examples

For Mechanical,Civil and Structural Engineering students and working professionals !
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You will learn about beam reactions
How to draw shear diagram or shear force diagram
How to draw bending moment diagram
How to calculate point of ZERO shear & contraflexure


  • Basics of types of beam,support reactions & equilibrium concept


Very useful course to clear the concept of how to draw shear diagram & bending moment diagram, how to find point of zero shear and point of contraflexure.

The course is designed in such a way that it will be very easy to understand the concept as animations are used wherever necessary !

The course will teach you how to draw shear force diagram & bending moment diagram for simply supported beams with point loads, uniformly distributed loads , combination of point load & u.d.l. , Overhanging beam & cantilever beam. 

For structural design, it is very important to calculate the beam reactions , shear force & maximum bending moment at a section.

It will cover the following :

  • Sfd bmd questions

  • Shear force diagram

  • Bending moment diagram

  • cantilever Bending & shear diagram

  • Maximum bending moment & shear force

  • Sfd & bmd for cantilever beam with point load

  • Trapezoidal load shear and moment diagram

  • Uniformly varying load sfd and bmd

  • Trapezoidal load shear and moment diagram

  • Shear force triangular distributed load

  • Mos shear force and bending moment

  • Sfd and bmd tricks

  • Understanding shear and moment diagrams

  • Sfd and bmd for standard cases

  • Bending moment diagram distributed load

  • How to calculate point of zero shear & point of contraflexure

  • Excel calculators for SFD & BMD 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Mechanical , Civil and structural Engineering students & professionals.


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