4.5 (135 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learn about male and female proportions and how to make them look cartoony. Find your own style in cartooning!
4.5 (135 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
817 students enrolled
Created by Maria Avramova
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn how to draw HUMAN PROPORTION and how to make humans look CARTOONY.
  • You will learn how to find your own style and design your own cartoony humans.
  • You will learn how to keep the same style of cartoonying if you are designing your book and characters for your animated movie.
  • You will learn how to put emotions to your characters.
  • You will learn how to make a character sheet - how to draw your character from different sides.
  • You will learn what is an Archetype and how you go about to design one.
  • You need a pencil and a paper. P.S. - no eraser needed!

*NEW UPDATES (2020-04-17):

- Bonus videos on how to draw a cartoony face of a Hero!

- How to translate human proportions of the face and make them cartoony.

- How to make varios of different faces and find the right cartoony character for your style or archetype.

A message to my students:

Obs. In those difficult times for all of us, it´s easy to loose hope. But we´ve made it through tough times before. Yet, when are in the tunnel it´s hard to see the end of it. Creativity will keep you grounded, happy and will give you a focus of faith and hope.

I hope you can use this time to develop your drawing skills, coming out of this crisis stronger and with more knowledge. Stay safe all, and keep drawing.

Have you ever dreaded the art class, but not because you hate drawing, but because you love it so much and you feel that you can not meet your own expectations? Not only that. You´ve had your childish dream alive to become an illustrator, but you find that drawing humans and even cartoony humans, is the hardest thing of all.

I hear you. I was just like you. But now, after 17 years of a successful career in the animation and illustration industry I have discovered that the problem is not in your hand or whether you have a talent or not, but it´s in your mind. Yes, you read correctly. Even you can draw and become a brilliant artist if you have the right approach.

And that´s what I´m going to show you here. This exclusive offer with change the way you think and therefore the way you draw once and for all.

So what will you learn in this course:

- You will learn what are male and female proportions

- What makes a human look cartoony

- How to approach cartoonying depending on the outcome you are desiring

- How to use shapes and shadows to design cartoony humans

- How evolve your character from being a generic human to being a specific character with personality

- What is an Archetype and why is it important to know when you work with cartoony humans

- Different types of Evil and Good characters, how to draw a Hero and a Villain

- How proportions change the way we perceive characters

- How to dress your characters - why are costumes important

- How to brainstorm with simple shapes and how to find the characters suggested by your subconscious mind

- How to bring your character to life - creating a Character Sheet

- How to put emotions to your character

This and much more you will find in this course, as well as I will share with you some insights from the kitchen of an illustrator and an animator while I guide you, step by step to exploring your own creativity, finding your own style and become the artist you´ve always dreamed of.

I hope to see you on the other side of this course.

Who this course is for:
  • All beginners in drawing. If you think you can only draw stick figures, if that, I´m here to prove you wrong. There is an artist in you that you are not aware of.
  • If you already have some experience in drawing, this course will be good for you too. You will learn a lot about character design and how to break your own bounderies to take yourself to a new level of drawing.
  • If you are an advanced artist, you will get some insights from a different point of view. If you´ve been drawing the same style for ages, maybe you want to try a different approach but you seem to be stuck at the same patterns of drawing. Here, you can learn some new tecniques of how to approach your drawing and explore a different side of your creativity.
Course content
Expand all 38 lectures 06:15:06
+ Introduction
1 lecture 02:08

This is the Introduction to the course you´ve already seen. You don´t need a special introduction, besides what you´ve already heard.

All you will need is a blue and a black pencil. Choose pencils that are rather soft - not too oily, not too dry. But any pencil will do. You don´t need a special brand. The only thing is that if you choose a softer black pencil you will be able to have more definition in your final drawing, it will just look more finished.

Grab your pencils, a paper and lets start.

Preview 02:08
+ THE MALE - Proportions, cartooning and archetypes
2 lectures 28:48

What are the anatomically correct male proportions?

How do we exaggerate those to make a character look cartoony?

Are there only one way of doing that?

In this video you will learn how to draw a male human body and how to take those features into cartooning.

The proportions of the Male body and how to make them cartoony

Define your rough drawing while adding features to specify the personality of your character.

Polishing The Drawings and Adding costumes and other features to the design
+ Designing Cartoony Characters by using Shapes and Shadows
5 lectures 58:05

Draw unidentified shapes with a blue pencil. Design your first character.

Draw unidentified shapes

Identify characters within the shapes. Draw a character in profile.

Draw a character in Profile

Each shape hides a character. Draw a character from a more squarelike shape.

Draw a character from a squarelike shape

There is a different design approach to cartooning humans. Draw even some that are closer to realism than others.

Designing a more stylized character

In this lecture you will learn how to draw characters who come from the same world.

Design characters that come from the same world
+ ARCHETYPES. The Male Character
15 lectures 02:22:58

What is an Archetype?

How to approach a design of a hero.

Designing a HERO

What other kind of heroic types there are?

How to describe a hero?

What signifies a hero-like character design?

Designing a Hero - Part 2

Here is another approach of a Hero-type.

Designing a Hero - Part 3

Define you heroic Archetypes.

What is the importance of costumes about your heroic character design?

Designing a Hero - Part 4, Defining the character

Define the idealistic heroic type.

What makes a character look heroic?

Why do we have to like the character?

What makes us like the character?

Designing a Hero - Part 5, A different approach to a heroic character

A hero is not always the best looking character, but we must sympathize with the hero. How do we design a character that is sympathetic?

Designing a Hero - Part 6, A different type of Hero

What are the proportions of a realistic Male Face? To be able to do a cartoon of a male face we need to know what to exaggerate. Here you will learn a simple technique on how to structure a human face.

Bonus- Drawing Facial Features of a Hero - Part 1

Learn how to take the male facial proportions and turn them into a cartoony heroic character.

Preview 17:00

There is not only one approach to break down the male facial features and turn them into a nice character. Here you will learn some easy techniques how to do just that.

Bonus- Experiment with Facial Proportions to design different heroic characters

How to approach the design of a Villain character?

Designing a Villain - Part 1

There are different types of Villains. How does each villain is portrayed in your character design?

Costumes and symbols, why are they important?

Designing a Villain - Part 2

Here is a different part of designing a Villain. The psychology and character description of your villain will give you an extra scope of who your character is.

Designing a Villain - Part 3

Defining your first Villain.

Who is he? The importiance of symbols and costumes for your character design.

Designing a Villain - Part 4

How to use generalization to add features to your Villain that are recognizable?

How to make a Villain more dislikable?

Designing a Villain - Part 5

Define the different type of Villain, use even bodylanguage to pose your Villain in the way that he would be untrustworthy.

Designing a Villain - Part 6
+ BRAINSTORMING SESSION - Design characters using shapes, BONUS LECTURE
2 lectures 37:44

How to use basic shapes to find your characters?

How to "see" your character within undefined shapes?

Draw basic shapes

Here you will learn how each of those designs hides a personality. You will learn how to draw a character sheet with a random character.

Make a character sheet out of a design of your choice
+ THE FEMALE - Proportions, Cartooning and Emotions
3 lectures 22:03

Here you will learn about the female proportions and specific features and how to use those to exaggerate them and design a cartoony character.

Female proportions - Part 1, What are the female proportions

How can you simplify the female features to easily come up with a cartoony design.

Female Proportions - Part 2, How to stylize the female proportions

Defining different characters by using costumes and personality traits.

Female Proportions - Part 3, How to simplify the design
+ Designing a HEROINE
2 lectures 18:05

How to approach a specific design of a heroic female character?

How to use rough drawings, posture and costume to balance your character design?

Designing a Heroine - what to think about

Add more details to the character with the black pencil. What to think about and how to make your character cuter, more likable and true to her personality and ideal?

Designing a Heroine - Defining the Character
+ Adding personality to the character
5 lectures 38:53

Here you will learn how to roughly design poses with your character, just using shapes and a stick figure drawing.

How to draw simple poses

You will be able to put yourself in your character´s shoes and draw the poses as if you feel that emotion.

How to turn the "stick figure" drawings into clean drawings and refine your character design?

Refining the "Stick figure" drawings into nice shapes

How to draw even difficult poses?

How to use the mirror to help your character designing skills?

Preview 09:11

Asking questions about your character while you drawing will help you to be a better designer.

Using the character´s different emotions to refine her design

Drawing your character in a running pose to explore her body posture and characteristics. The specifics of a running cycle.

Put your character in motion
3 lectures 26:22

How to draw a happy and a sad expression?

Preview 08:20

What makes a face look sneaky, or scared or content?

Facial Expressions - Sneaky, Scared and Content

Finalize and polish your facial expressions while improving your character design.

Refining the Facial Expressions