How to Cure Laziness without Working Hard

Learn How to Hack Your Brain into Taking Action
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Take control of their life and conquer any goal they want
How to leverage the power of habit
How to outline there future in a way that agrees with both the left and right side of the brain
The Law of Change
How to increase their focus systematically
How to increase their will power


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I used to play video games all day long but what I really wanted to do was build a successful future. But, I kept telling myself "1 more match and I'll start" or "today doesn't work because of x so I'll start tomorrow".

It wasn't until I started reading books (and I read 200+) that I uncovered the secrete to defeating laziness so that I could build the life of my dreams. I wasn't going to do it on the couch I had to take action!

Action is the key to all success. If you are unable to take action then you will not be successful.

This never before seen formula is straight forward, easy to follow and gives you the knowledge you need to defeat laziness. 

Over 2,000 students in the first week! 

Over 4,000 students in the first month! 

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This is actually 3 courses in one because this formula will teach you;

  1. How to Conquer Laziness without Working Hard

  2. How to Increase Your Level of Discipline

  3. An Insane Productivity Strategy

What you will learn; 

  • The power of direction and how to outline your future

  • How to change a bad habit into a good one

  • 2 Laws of nature you have to accept for lasting change

  • The secrete to focus

  • How to increase your will power

Excel template included!

 Take control of your life, and unlock your full potential. Stop living your life a slave to short term gratification and achieve anything you want. 

Who this course is for:

  • Only those who want to conquer laziness
  • Only those who want to unlock their true potential
  • Only those who want to increase their discipline


What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There
Chase Ellfeldt
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I am on a mission to unlock the true potential of the human race. We are facing some major problems in the world and I think they are all fixable however I believe they are only fixable if we change our strategy.

We have to evolve and become better versions of ourselves in order to solve the problems of obesity, depression, climate change, corruption and so much more.

We can't solve these problems with the same mindset that created them. So I have taken it upon myself to create a system that equips us with the ability to 100x their productivity in order to make the world around them a better place.

I do this by focusing in on four areas;

1. Problem Solving (Critical Thinking / Entrepreneurship)

2. Conscious Dominated Mindset (Future Focused)

3. Learning Machine

4. Health

I know that if you master these 4 areas your productivity will increase 100x and you will start shifting the world in the direction it needs in order to thrive.

This philosophy is based on the infamous idea "If you want to change the world than change yourself" I know this to be true and it is my mission to equip you with the tools you need to 100x your output in order to convert your life from surviving to thriving.

Visit my website my latest content that focuses on these four categories in order to unlock your true potential.