How To Create Engaging Live Digital Marketing Videos

Learn to create engaging live video for social media, events and YouTube using your smartphone, laptop or digital camera
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How to ensure your live video audience watches for longer
How to make your live videos more engaging
What videography skills you need to create engaging live video content
How live content fits in to your digital marketing plan
How to build trust with your audience via live videos
How to create better looking videos on smartphones, laptops and DSLR cameras
Video creation top tips when you are broadcasting live
How to film videos professionally
How to use live video content on platforms such as YouTube to talk to new audiences
How to make live videos for Social Media
Develop better videography skills
Improve your smartphone videography
How to present confidently and appropriately during your live video broadcasts
Top tips for speaking to camera
How to add live videos to your smartphone marketing mix


  • Access to a HD camera on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, GoPro, or DSLR camera


Why use live videos in your digital marketing mix?

Over the past couple of years savvy social media video marketers, videographers, and YouTube Creators have used live videos to generate large viewing figures, increase content engagement, and build better relationships with their audiences.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital thinking businesses have also used online live videos on digital platforms to

  • find new clients

  • grow brand knowledge

  • build trust

  • sell to new and pre-existing clients

If they can, you can too!

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Why sign up for this course by Dom O'Neill?

Your tutor Dom O’Neill is an expert live content creator with over 15 years of professional experience working on live content for Broadcast TV, live events, radio, and online via YouTube and Social media platforms. There are few people in the world with Dom O’Neill’s unique understanding of quality live content creation.

Dom has created live content for companies such as

  • TED

  • BBC

  • The Scottish Government

Plus, Dom has worked with top-class talent on live content projects.

Talent includes

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Michelle Obama

  • Well know comedians

  • Major pop stars

  • International political leaders

  • British Royalty

This course is free of charge till 01/03/2021, after that date the course will return to its full price.

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Who this course is for:

  • Solo entrepreneurs who need an efficient digital marketing option to promote their products and services
  • Start-Up businesses searching more customers online
  • Freelancers looking to find more clients online
  • Content creators who don't currently offer live video packages who are looking for new services to offer
  • Digital marketing professionals who need to learn more about live video to serve their clients better
  • Digital nomads who need to find more customers online
  • Marketing managers who need to generate more online traffic and sales
  • Bloggers looking to grow their content audience and connections
  • Podcasters looking for new ways to promote their content
  • Digital savvy business people keen to use videography and video creation to sell to new clients
  • Professionals keen to utilize a powerful smartphone marketing tack-tick

Course content

5 sections16 lectures52m total length
  • Welcome To The Course
  • Why Use Live Videos In Your Marketing Mix
  • Where You Can Post Live Videos
  • How To Avoid Live Video Fails


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Dom O'Neill
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Experienced and reliable Video Producer, TV Floor Manager, and Live Event Stage Manager with 15 years of professional experience. A vast experience of working in live entertainment content and regularly working on outside broadcasts, live events, and studios shows. Working for clients such as BBC Sport, BBC Newcastle, BBC Scotland, EICC Productions, TED, Premier Sport, SEMRush, Freesport TV, ADI, and Liverpool Football Club.