How to Conduct a Research Project

For High School Students
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You will be able to read and analyze research papers in any fields to gather information about your own research.
You will be able to find a research question which will be your guide in this journey.
You will be able to draw a path and timeline for your research and know what you are going to do in each step.
You will be able to find a mentor who will be an expert in the field of research and will help you in each step of the research and proofread your drafts.
You will learn where you can publish high school and undergraduate research papers.


  • The only requirement for you is to be a high school or undergraduate student (or in a gap year) who wants to conduct a research.


It is hard to conduct a research project for a high school student since most of the high schools do not teach how to do that. However, majority of high school students would want to conduct a research project accordingly to their fields. Not knowing how to start is an intimidating obstacle which causes fewer studies made by high school students. Numerous students give up without starting a project.

But don’t be afraid! Many experts are aware of the situation and ready to help and encourage high school students for a research. They do that with open sources, one-on-one guidance, reviewing drafts, and giving advices. The important thing at this point is starting. If you start and hold to your passions, there is no obstacles that you cannot overcome.

This course is designed to encourage more high school students to engage in scientific disciplines and contribute to science. In this course, you will learn how to conduct a research project and write a research paper as a high schooler. I organized this course according to highly reliable internet sources and my own experience. Conducting 3 researches and writing 1 review paper, I have many mistakes that I wouldn’t want you to repeat.

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in research project in any field of study, this course is pretty general and can be used as a guide for any research project.


Researcher High School Student
Şi̇yar Özmen
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I am an 18 year old senior high school student in Diyarabakir/Turkey. I have worked on 4 research projects and 2 of them are in the publication process. I wanted to share my experiences for next generations for them not to repeat same mistakes and have a guide. Hoping this would help you in your researches, I will be glad if you share your feedbacks with me.