How to choose the electronic components for projects part 2

I present all what s about electronics /electrical engineering/ electricity /electronic circuits/electronics engineering
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the basic knowledge to choose the operational amplifier for a project


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This series of formations is for developing your knowledge to apply the right   technique in the domain of electronics /electrical engineering/electricity /electronic circuits /electronics engineering /engineering /Arduino

the goal of this section of the formation is to explain how to choose an operational amplifier.

unlike the others electronic components there is not a basic formula to determine the good type of the operational amplifier that can be inserted in your circuit, but I will give you a simple technique to resolve this problem

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hi, I m interested to the technologies, design 2D /3D, also about the different cultures, I was a formator(french course) in youtube where I had a great experience of teaching, I like to share my culture with the others also discover their cultures, this will be for me as a way to find new ideas, creativity.