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Critical thinking on education
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For the last eight years, I have been working on future of education and understanding the education system of Pakistan. In 2012, I started a project called Rehan School with the goal of teaching two billion people how to understand basic English, and then started Rehan University, Rehan Training, Rehan College and now also Rehan Learning Club. In this course I will share my learning, understanding, and what I found the best practices around the globe on what should be done to tackle the future of education of the planet Earth, our children education, our own education, our work force education. So this is what the course is all about.

I look forward to have your feedback, questions and suggestions to make the course even better.

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  • Teachers
  • Education reformers


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Rehan Allahwala
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I started my journey as an entrepreneur by selling software for commode 64 games when I was 13 years old. Later on I ended up creating over 150 projects in companies around the world that I started in United States, Singapore, Estonia, and Pakistan

in 2010 I retired from my work and made a mission to end world poverty, starting from my home country Pakistan, and on this path, I ended up learning, learning, and re-learning what I knew, and started using my Technological knowledge, Experiences, and processes to reduce world poverty.

Poverty to me is a mindset and it goes away only when we change our mindset, and for this we have to un-learn and re-learn what we know.

Being on Udmey serves that purpose of sharing what I know, and allowing YOU to learn what I learned, along with asking questions that you have in you’d mind so I can re-think more and learn and teach what I do not know yet towards this goal.

Most of my courses here are free, though we never really give value to FREE like air, sun and water, but I still choose to keep them free, till one day I change my mind :)

You can google me me to learn more about me if you like, and I hope you will enjoy learning with me here :)

Do not forget to leave a feedback so I can improve my work and my self.

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