How to build, assemble and solder an electronic siren FEB18

Learn the Skills By Doing: Components, Building, Assembling, Soldering and Testing Electronic Siren and Power Supply
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-Properly read electronic diagrams.
-Correctly Identify electronic symbols and components.
-Insert and assemble parts in the correct location of a circuit board.
-Apply soldering techniques to fabricate a siren.
-Perform test of the final assembled product.
-Use the skills learned in this course to apply them to other electronic projects.
-Assembly power supply


  • Read-Write English
  • Follow verbal directions
  • Utilize hand-soldering tools


This course is a real hands-on practical electronics manufacturing and assembly demonstration of electronics fabrication knowledge and skills. Very specifically, you will learn hands-on skills by doing: Build, assemble, solder and test your very own electronic siren in 12 easy to follow steps with live demonstrations.  If you always wanted to know how to acquire electronics soldering skills, this course is for you. You will learn by doing. Learn and practice soldering and assembly while you create and test your own product. I will let you know how and where you can get the parts to make your very own electronic siren, after going through this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Technology students
  • Engineering students
  • Anyone interested in electronics manufacturing and assembly


Academy Professor & STEM Int'l Education Consultant
Dr. Oscar Rodriguez
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Oscar “Dr.O” Rodriguez's academic credentials include a combination of international teaching and consulting in engineering and technology. He holds undergraduate degrees in engineering technology (electronics, robotics and instrumentation), a Master's of Science in Electronics & computers, a Specialist and doctoral degree in technology and management. Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez holds various technical professional certifications in electronics manufacturing, advanced manufacturing technologies, fiber optics, renewable energy, robotics, and control systems cybersecurity.

Dr. Rodriguez is also a founding member of the Hispanic Intl Institute of Technology, a nonprofit online and distance technical training institution.

He has taught engineering and technology for almost 15 years both at corporate sites and college campuses on both cases using a variety of instructional methods including online and distance as well as computer assisted techniques. Additionally, he has developed and implemented numerous STEM projects in the U.S. and Latin America.

Dr. Rodriguez loves teaching and learning, it is a great way to share with others and keep himself committed to lifelong learning.

He looks forward to serving and sharing with many lifelong learners!


Biografía del Instructor

Las credenciales académicas de Oscar “Dr.O” Rodriguez incluyen una combinación de experiencia docente y de consultoría internacional en ingeniería y tecnología.  Él tiene títulos de pregrado y postgrado en electrónica, robótica, computación e instrumentación, especialista y doctorado en tecnologías y gerencia.

El Dr. Rodriguez es tambien miembro fundador del Hispano Internacioinal Instituto de Tecnologias, una institucion de entrenamiento en linea y a distancia.

El Dr. Rodriguez realiza investigación en ingeniería mecatrónica, automatización y robótica, educación a distancia y en línea, transferencia tecnológica, desarrollo de la fuerza de trabajo y educación en las ingenierías y tecnologías.

Con más de 15 años de experiencia combinada en la docencia y la industria, en distintas organizaciones corporativas, también habiendo utilizado diversidad de métodos modernos de instrucción, y habiendo implementado numerosos proyectos en Norte America y América Latina, el Dr. Rodriguez está aquí para ensenar y aprender con aquellos comprometidos con el aprendizaje continuo.

El espera servir y compartir con todos aquellos que están dispuestos aprender continuamente!

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