How to Build an Approval Workflow Application with Caspio

This course will teach you how to create a database driven web application that incorporates approval workflows.
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You'll have a greater understanding of database tables, relationships, and how to develop forms and reports without coding.


  • No technical background necessary.


This course is meant for non-developers who are interested in learning how to create database-driven web applications. There is no coding involved, so you do not need to have prior software programming knowledge or experience. This course is great for anyone with some technical acumen who wants to learn how to build applications which contain data capture forms, reports and workflows. When you're done with this course you'll have a better understanding of how Database tables function, and how you can build your own web application without writing any code! Building applications with Caspio is a breeze; so much so, that most applications, regardless of their size, can be built within an hour. This service request application that we built for this course, with detailed explanations in each of the lectures, took literally 90 minutes to build. Once you get a good grasp on how the platform works, you'll be able to build this exact application in 20 minutes or less. Good luck and have fun with the build.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to build an application with Caspio.

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 36m total length
  • Introduction - Application Overview
  • How to Create Database Tables and Relationships Using Primary and Foreign Keys
  • How to Create Views and User Level Authentications (Logins)
  • How to Create All the Necessary Forms and Reports
  • How to Publish the Entire Application to a Website


Technical Evangelist at Caspio
Ned Pajic
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Hello! Thanks for checking out my profile! My name is Ned. I have created and published over 100 applications using Caspio's platform. With these video tutorials I am sharing my knowledge and experience so that you can do the same. Every one of the courses I teach is a step-by-step tutorial that guides students on how to create web applications without coding, and in the shortest amount of time possible.

It doesn't matter what type of application you're trying to create, Caspio's platform is more than capable of handling projects of any size. Whether you want to create an internal app for users to track tasks, projects, revenue and/or forecasts, or if you just want to publish some excel or access data on the web, Caspio is the right tool for you.

Thanks for checking out my profile and I look forward to "seeing" you in my classes.