How to Build a Follow UnFollow System In PHP using Laravel

Learn how to partialiy refresh a page and setup realtime notification using axios.
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Create a Basic User Login & Authentication system Using Laravel
Valdiate Users Input without leaving the page using Axios - a javascript framework.
Write codes using best practices
Learn the follow, unfollow business logic
Learn how to show realtime data from the database without using Redis or Channels.


  • Basic knowledge of PHP & Laravel
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript



Do you want to learn how to build a follow, unfollow system like Twitter & Facebook ?

Then this course is all you need, in this course you would learn how to implement a follow and unfollow system with PHP Laravel and MySQLI like Twitter and Facebook. So basically, a user can follow & unfollow another user and you can see which user is following you and how many followers you have.

You would also get a real time notification soonest a new user starts following you, plus a notification sound played on your browser like we have in top applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I would take you through a step by step guide on user authentication & registration, where we would be validating users form input in real-time, so we don't have to reload our website to show validation errors.

Who is this course for ?

This course is for Beginners who wants to -

  1. Learn how to implement axios, a JavaScript library into there application.

  2. Learn how to validate users input on there website without reloading the page.

  3. Learn how to make every operation on there website looks real-time - operations such as notification count, followers count etc.

  4. Learn the concept behind the follow & unfollow business logic.

This course was made for both beginners & professionals, i would be taking this course on a slow pace, so we get a proper understanding of how things work, i would not be performing any magic :-) , and by magic i mean copy pasting any code , i would explain how every function works as we create them.

I look forward to see you in this course as we build amazing web applications together.

Your present & future instructor

Oziri Emeka Emmanuel.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner PHP / Laravel Developer who wants to write professional codes.
  • Beginner PHP / Laravel Developer who wants to know how to validate user inputs using axios, without refreshing the page
  • Beginner PHP / Laravel Developer who wants to learn how the follow , unfollow logic works.

Course content

5 sections23 lectures3h 41m total length
  • Installing Laravel
  • Setting up our UI
  • Including Axios in our project


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