How to become successful as an international digital nomad

The art of enjoying a lifestyle where you work where you want, when you want, while doing what you love to do.
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The student will gain insight into how to be a sucessful international digital nomad, from runing a successful busines to enjoying a lifestyle many people would love to achieve


  • Basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and a free spirt, one which is eager in learning how to be sucessful as a international digital nomad, one who makes a living working from anywhere at any time while doing what you love to do.


This course is for anyone wanting to explore and be successful working from anywhere in the world digitally connected to clients across the globe, while enjoy a lifestyle of freedom to work when you want, as you do what exactly what you love to do.

To be successful you have to learn how to find the resources and support you will need along the way. This course highlights what you need to concentrate on and master if you want to be successful in the long haul as a digital nomad.

Taught by Johnny Ray,  a lifelong digital nomad and founder of the international digital nomad society, you will learn the important aspects of how to make a living as a digital nomad, the art of traveling and connecting with others, all while enjoying a lifestyle that gives you freedom explore the world.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to work where ever they hppen to be, when ever they want to work, and doing what they love to do.

Course content

1 section8 lectures35m total length
  • Introduction and welcoming to the course
  • Defining exactly who are digital nomads
  • Defining the basics of becoming successful
  • Defining the skills and technologies required
  • Ways of making a living as a digital nomad
  • Essentials for making it in the long haul
  • Words of wisdom
  • Bonus section


Founder of the International Digital Nomad Society
Johnny Ray
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With over 20 international best selling novels, Johnny Ray is well known as the master of the international romantic thriller. He is also a much sought after keynote speaker and coach on charisma and social branding.

Johnny has been a digital nomad where he has conducted business worldwide for most of his life and he loves to engage with people from around the world. He can be found on most social media sites. Just on twitter, for example, he has over 650,000 followers. If you need referrals to someone around the world, there is a good chance Johnny can help you out.