Mehndi 101 - How To Master The Art Of Mehndi In Just 4 Hours
4.4 (60 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
295 students enrolled

Mehndi 101 - How To Master The Art Of Mehndi In Just 4 Hours

A step by step guide to become a mehendi expert in 15 days.
4.4 (60 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
295 students enrolled
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Last updated 8/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Master the art of mehndi application
  • Apply beautiful mehndi designs for various occasions
  • Passion to learn mehndi application

Mehndi art is a vast subject. If you want to become a pro in this art, then it is necessary that you first get familiar with the basics of this beautiful art. All the mehndi enthusiasts who are keen on learning the art of mehndi, need to acquire the method of applying it.

It is important to enroll yourself into a well designed structural course in mehndi in order to explore the different styles incorporated in this art. This course offered to you all is a comprehensive one that covers every bit of detail for a beginner to learn the art of applying mehndi. From the basic floral, peacock and mango designs, to the most intricate checkered peacock design, this course covers them all. Learn the simple filler patterns and get familiar with the shaded Arabic designs with the help of this marvelous mehndi course.

This course follows a method that keeps in mind the interests of its viewers. It teaches you not only how to apply novel designs but also covers areas like, how one can remove mehndi without any trouble and how to darken the mehndi color! This course helps its viewers in understanding how to apply a particular design by giving them stepwise instructions that cover each and every minute detail that helps in creating a perfect and exclusive mehndi design. We first start with mastering the designs on paper and then move to the application on hands and feet.

All the mehndi addicts are sure to benefit from this course because it not only educates you with various forms of mehndi designs but also makes a novice master this art in 15 days!

All the admirers of mehndi can enter the world of this beautiful art by enrolling yourselves for this course and understand the creativity and beauty of applying mehndi.

Who this course is for:
  • anyone who wants to learn the art of mehndi application
Course content
Expand all 47 lectures 04:00:08
+ Course Introduction
1 lecture 00:42

Mehndi has become a part of our lives with so many wedding ceremonies round the corner. Educate yourselves with the help of this tutorial and enjoy the art of mehndi application.

Preview 00:42
+ Mixing Mehndi
1 lecture 01:47

How to Mix Mehndi

Many of us find it difficult to make the right consistency of mehndi paste. This tutorial will throw light on how one can make mehndi paste the right way.

Preview 01:47
+ Creating Mehndi Cone
1 lecture 02:55

How to make a mehndi cone:

I'm sure all the mehndi lovers would love this tutorial that shows you exactly how to make a mehndi cone in no time in order to adorn their hands and feet for any occasion!

No more long waiting hours in parlors. Enjoy the step wise procedure and make your own mehndi cone at home with ease.

Preview 02:55
+ Basic Shapes
3 lectures 06:31

Basic flower shape design:

This tutorial is great for all the beginners who want to try their hands on some basic flower designs. Experimenting with simple designs is an intelligent way to start learning how to create your own mehndi patterns.

This design is so simple that even the younger lot can have a lot a fun trying it out.

Preview 03:10

Basic Mango and Peacock design:

This tutorial will show you how to make the traditional mango and peacock designs. Weddings mark the beginning of a new life for the bride and bridegroom and the mango and peacock patterns fit the occasion perfectly!

Have fun with this design and allow your hands to do all the talking!

Preview 02:06

Basic abstract designs:

This tutorial brings to you a simple abstract design that is quick and easy to apply. This spiral design is perfect for any get together. Experimenting with different styles is what mehndi art is all about.

Mehndi lovers love to try out the basic abstract pattern that would set them apart in a crowd!

Basic Shapes - Abstract
+ Filler Designs
3 lectures 17:32

Filler designs:

This tutorial throws light on some filler designs that are quite simple to apply. The oval droplets look more like jewel designs that give your hands a fuller look. The filler designs are a favorite for many mehndi lovers. They help to highlight the design and makes it look more beautiful.

Have fun with this filler design and make everyone around you envious!

Filler Designs

Filler designs for fingers:

This is a wonderful tutorial that shows you in detail as to how you can decorate your fingers with some exquisite designs. The use of delicate petals and spiral shapes only accentuate the beauty of your fingers.

Try out these filler designs that are simple yet beautiful!

Filler Designs For Fingers

Checks design:

This tutorial shows you the elegant checks design that have been used in mehndi art for years. These intricate designs look difficult but to your surprise are very easy to draw. The use of basic horizontal and vertical lines is what the checks designs are all about.

Try your hands on the checks design and become a pro in the art of mehndi!

Checks Designs
+ Basic Motifs
17 lectures 01:15:12

Simple floral motif:

This tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to start by drawing simple flowers. It shows you how to apply a simple floral motif that even your children can try out. The use of heart shaped petals transforms the entire look of your hands making them look beautiful.

Try out this design and exercise your mehndi skills!

Simple Floral Motif (On Paper)

Simple peacock motif:

This tutorial demonstrates a simple peacock motif that can be easily drawn by one and all. The peacock motif plays an integral part in all the wedding ceremonies and functions and symbolizes a new beginning.

Try out this peacock motif design with the help of this simple lovely tutorial.

Simple Peacock Motif (On Paper)

Simple Basic Flower Motif:

This tutorial opens the doors for beginners who love to draw flower designs and don't know how to. This class is a detailed yet simple step wise procedure that helps you to make your own floral patterns.

Get familiar with the basic flower motif by following the instructions given in this tutorial.

Simple Basic Flower Motif (On Paper)

Circular Floral Motif:

This tutorial introduces you to a very pretty design that allows you to play with the flower motif. The use of vertical and horizontal lines with a few heart shaped petals makes this design unique and fresh.

With the help of the simple instructions mentioned in this tutorial you can learn how to apply the floral motif design easily.

Circular Floral Motif (On Paper)

Diamond Mango Motif:

This is an interesting tutorial that showcases the diamond mango motif for all the mehndi lovers. This magical combination of the mango shape, oval petals, spirals and vertical and horizontal lines by the end give you the rich diamond mango motif pattern.

If you are looking for a mehndi design with a difference, then follow these simple steps in this tutorial and create the mesmerizing diamond mango motif!

Diamond Mango Motif (On Paper)

Elaborate peacock motif:

We are steadily progressing towards the more advanced mehendi designs. This tutorial makes you more familiar with the peacock motif. It helps you draw the peacock's body in detail by paying equal attention to the eyes, beak and wings. The peacock motif is commonly used in many of the mehndi functions.

With the help of this mehndi tutorial, brush up your drawing skills and paint your hands with a lovely picture of the peacock motif!

Elaborate Peacock Motif (On Paper)

Basic Floral Mango Motif:

This tutorial shows you how to draw the mango motif. This motif is one of the most popular designs that is applied during the festivals and weddings. The use of long stems, with petals and spirals added to the mango motif increase the beauty of this design.

Follow the instructions in this mehndi class and start decorating your hands and feet with this beautiful floral mango motif.

Basic Floral Mango Motif (On Paper)

3 Part Leaf Motif:

This mehndi tutorial teaches you how to experiment with the leaf motif giving it extensions. There is an emphasis on the use of spiral and heart shaped petals too.

This DIY tutorial is a treat for mehndi lovers!

3 Part Leafed Motif (On Paper)

Basic Abstract Motif:

This mehndi class introduces you to a whole new way of mixing and merging different patterns in order to make one beautiful design. Long petals, spiral stems and the mango shape are used in the abstract motif.

Open your eyes to this new abstract design by following the basic steps given in this tutorial.

Basic Abstract Motif (On Paper)

Floral Peacock Motif:

This floral peacock motif tutorial is a beautiful combination of the peacock and flower design which is loved by many mehndi enthusiasts. The use of big petals and the figure of the peacock are amazing. It shows you how to create this straight forward design in no time with the help of some simple steps.

Follow the instructions provided in this tutorial and start decorating your hands and feet with the floral peacock design.

Floral Peacock Motif (On Paper)

Middle Finger Design Motif:

This interesting tutorial pays emphasis on how to decorate the middle finger. This design would be just right for those who prefer a simple look without too much detailing. The use of the mango design, oval petals, spiral patterns, etc. are all merged in a way to ultimately give you a unique middle finger design motif.

Follow the steps given in this mehndi tutorial and decorate your middle finger with an attractive design!

Middle Finger Design Motif (On Paper)

Basic Abstract Motif:

This tutorial shows you exactly how one can look different in a crowd with the help of the basic abstract motif. This pattern is quite a rage among the younger generation and suits any occasion. The fusion of the peacock motif, the mango, the tulip and oval shaped petals are all used brilliantly!

With the help of this amazing tutorial, you can get a detailed picture of how to design your own abstract motif with ease.

Basic Abstract Motif 2 (On Paper)

Checkered Peacock Design:

This tutorial illustrates the traditional checkered peacock pattern that is commonly used in wedding ceremonies. All the mehndi lovers would love going through this class that combines different motifs in order to create one beautiful mehndi design. The use of the mango, peacock and oval petals with the merging of the checkered pattern is incredible.

Get ready to brush up your drawing skills and follow the instructions given in this tutorial in order to make your own beautiful checkered peacock design.

Checkered Peacock Design (On Paper)

Shaded Arabic Design:

This mehndi tutorial is a treat to the eyes for all the mehndi lovers. The shaded Arabic design is an all time favorite during weddings, mehndi functions or even for casual occasions. The culmination of simple motifs with the shading affect is stunning to look at.

With the help of this tutorial, start decorating your hands and feet with this awesome shaded Arabic design!

Shaded Arabic Design (On Paper)

Middle Finger Arabic Design:

This mehndi tutorial allows you to experiment with a new design that focuses on the middle finger. The Arabic design has always played an important role in wedding ceremonies. The combination of the mango, spiral and oval shapes are shown in a very detailed fashion that makes it easier for all the mehndi lovers to try out.

Follow the instructions provided in this tutorial and get started with this amazing Arabic design!

Middle Finger Arabic Design (On Paper)

Back Hand Arabic Design:

This tutorial is again a beautiful mehndi course that shows you how to decorate the back of your hand using the Arabic design. The use of big circles with tiny petals, by the end look like little pieces of jewels on your hand.

Follow these simple steps given in this mehndi tutorial and become a pro in the Arabic design

Back Hand Arabic Design (On Paper)

Different Sized Peacock Design:

The beautiful peacock motifs are the main focus in this tutorial. The different sizes used in creating the peacock design are awe inspiring. The peacock motif symbolizes a new beginning for all the couples who are entering into wedlock. You can try applying this design on either the hands or feet.

Adorn your hands and feet with these easy instructions given in this tutorial and feel beautiful!

Different Sized Peacock Design (On Paper)
+ Basic Motifs With Mehndi
17 lectures 01:47:20

This lecture will introduce you to the mehndi cone application. The designs learnt in Section 6 will be replicated on the hands and legs.

Simple Floral Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Simple Peacock Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Simple Basic Flower Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Circular Floral Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Diamond Mango Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
We have attached another peacock design which you can download after you are done with this lecture. This design looks very elegant and pretty on hands.
Elaborate Peacock Motif (With Mehndi Cone)

After this lecture you can download another mango design which can be applied during festivals and weddings

Basic Floral Mango Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
3 Part Leaf Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Basic Abstract Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Floral Peacock Motif (With Mehndi Cone)
Middle Finger Design (With Mehndi Cone)
Basic Abstract Motif 2 (With Mehndi Cone)
Checkered Peacock Design (With Mehndi Cone)
Shaded Arabic Design (With Mehndi Cone)
Middle Finger Arabic Design (With Mehndi Cone)

Learn how to decorate your legs with mehndi during festivals and weddings with this tutorial.

Arabic Design On Foot (With Mehndi Cone)
Different Sized Peacock Design On Foot (With Mehndi Cone)
+ Darken Mehndi
1 lecture 00:48

How To Darken Mehndi:

This tutorial has an answer to all your queries on how to darken your mehndi. Some useful tips are demonstrated in detail for all the mehndi lovers in order to get the best color from mehndi.

As the old saying goes” the darker the color, the stronger the love for each other”! So do follow these simple tips provided in this tutorial and exhibit the darkest shade!

How To Darken Mehndi
+ Removing Mehndi
1 lecture 01:47

How To Remove Mehndi:

This tutorial shows you how easily you can remove mehndi without having to worry about the color getting lighter.

With the help of this tutorial learn how to remove mehndi in a more intelligent way!

How To Remove Mehndi
+ Mehndi Final Look
2 lectures 25:34

Final Look Of Mehndi On Hands:

This mehndi tutorial goes into every minute detail in giving your hands the most beautiful design that will make others envious of you. The fusion of the peacock motif with spiral shapes, petals, the mango motif etc are all used in such a way that the final look is very elegant and pleasing to the eyes!

So wait no longer and follow the steps provided in this tutorial and adorn your hands with this stylish mehndi design.

You can also download a bridal mehndi design from the additional resources tab for practice.

Final Look Of Mehndi On Hands

This video shows all the products that are included to make your personal mehndi kit. A typical mehndi kit contains of mehndi powder, nilgiri oil, water, scissors, cello tape and transparent cover.

Mehndi Kit Items