How to Be Your Own Life Coach
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How to Be Your Own Life Coach

Design the Life of Your Dreams
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5 students enrolled
Created by Shelley Carney
Last updated 7/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Pinpoint problems, goals and actions.
  • Visualize exactly what you want in every area of your life.
  • Change your thinking to change your results.
  • Achieve the goals you set.
  • Improve your relationships and health and make more money.
  • Design your own path to happiness.
  • Be ready to change, self-directed and open to new ideas.
  • Have a notebook or daily journal to keep track of your progress.

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?

Are you willing to change?

If you answered YES then this Course can definitely help you in the process of self-coaching.

Being Happy is a Choice. Make it! Life Coaching CAN and WILL Help You!

WHO is this Life Coaching Course for?

  • Do you want to become Your Best Self?

  • Discover the beliefs and feelings that Motivate You the Most?

  • Develop exciting Goals and Achieve them?

  • Attract the kind of Life You Truly Desire?

  • Coach Yourself to Lasting Happiness?

If you answered YES then this Course is for YOU!

WHAT will we be covering in this Life Coaching Course?

We will discuss the differences between Coaching, Counseling and Therapy. We will then do a Self Assessment and Action Graph which covers

  • Physical Health & Fitness

  • Mental & Intellectual Growth

  • Emotional Understanding

  • Spiritual Connection

  • and Relationships

For each Life Zone, we will cover our beliefs, vision, purpose and strategies along with many Real Life Examples and great exercises to move into a more amazing life than you've ever dreamed possible.

We've also included dozens of Powerful Questions that will help you understand yourself better and unlock your true potential!  There are resources galore to help guide you through the video instruction to fully understand and integrate your underlying beliefs with your goals.

Life coaches help you sort through your priorities to define and achieve your goals.

  • They direct you to tools and support to help you get amazing results.

  • They encourage you to keep moving forward and help you with problem solving.

  • They help you build your self-esteem and become a happier person.

  • They help you weed out time wasters, toxic habits, and negative thought patterns.

Studies show that 99% of clients who hire a coach are delighted and that 96% of them would hire a coach again! Also, 80% improved their self-confidence, 72% improved their communication skills and 57% improved their time management skills.

Life coaching works so well, soon everyone will have their own life coach just as they now have their own cell phone!

Now YOU can be your own Life Coach!

You can begin to improve your life in every area including

  • Health and Fitness

  • Intellectual Growth

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Spiritual Life

  • Love Relationships

  • Social Life

  • Parenting & Leadership

  • Career

  • Financial Life

and More!

Am I getting any FREE stuff?

Once you've completed the course, there is an amazing BONUS module that offers you additional guided meditation videos, releasing exercises and techniques and a free coaching session with me!

So, at  this point you really need to ask yourself, can you afford not to take this course? Everyone in your life deserves, but most of all, YOU  deserve the best you! I believe everyone is entitled to a happy life. But you won't get it unless you decide to take action.  And you won't get it just by reading and thinking about it without actually creating it in reality with Life Coaching support.

Put yourself first! Don't let another day go by, without taking action! Smash that enroll button, now! You have nothing to lose & a brand NEW, HAPPY LIFE to gain!

Give this gift of GREAT VALUE to You AND your Loved Ones! Enroll now and be the next person to tell me, "This Life Coaching course has changed my life!"

Who this course is for:
  • People who are ready to transition to a new phase in their lives.
  • Empty nest adults.
  • College graduates.
  • Those who want a career change.
  • Newlyweds.
Course content
Expand all 24 lectures 03:08:37
+ Introduction
5 lectures 16:33

Shelley Carney is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach certified through the Integrative Wellness Academy. This course is progressive and you should complete each lesson in order because they will build upon each other to give you a comprehensive guide to your life goals and desires.

Preview 03:02

What a Life Coach does and how they work with clients is discussed to give an overview of what it would be like to work with a Life Coach.

Preview 02:02

It is important to know what a Life Coach will not do for you and when you should seek a therapist, counselor or medical professional instead.

Preview 02:38

Can you be your own Life Coach? This lecture will give you an overview of what it takes to coach yourself to solve problems, achieve goals and design the life of your dreams.

Preview 07:07

Take this short quiz to determine if you have what it takes to be your own Life Coach, solve problems, achieve goals and design the life of your dreams.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be Your Own Life Coach?
3 questions

Summary of what a Life Coach does or doesn't do and how you can be your own Life Coach through the work included in this course.

Thought Exercise: Read, think and write in your journal.
Journal Prompts
2 questions
+ Get Started - Take Action!
3 lectures 18:32

Begin your 30-day Journaling challenge and do your best to write in your journal for a few minutes each day.

30-Day Journaling Challenge
Begin the Challenge. Add these questions and answers to your journal today.
30-Day Journaling Challenge
2 questions

Because this is the foundation of your Life Coaching experience, it is important that you take the time to give serious thought to speaking your truth. This assessment is your personal tool to uncover your disappointments and desires. 

The first step to creating the life of your dreams is to be aware of where you are now, what problems you are facing and why these problems occur.
2 questions

Create an Action Graph using the information you discovered in your Self-Assessment.

Action Coaching Graph
Complete your Action Coaching Graph to understand where your life may be out of balance and what you can do to gain more balance.
Action Coaching Graph
2 questions
+ Becoming Limitless
1 lecture 12:18

Now that you've done your Self-Assessment and determined some of the changes you want to make, you have crossed into a new territory of personal development.

Becoming Limitless
You have the power to change your own mind and think differently than you have in the past. Once you have isolated the thinking that causes you to feel hurt, angry or frustrated, you can work on creating a new thought that inspires more positive feelings.
How You Can Become Limitless
2 questions
+ Wellness Action Plan
12 lectures 01:47:23

Creating Your Wellness Action Plan. Refer to your Action Graph to complete the lessons in the Wellness Action Plan Module. Expand on your goals and dreams and explore your “WHY” in each Life Zone.

Wellness Action Plan

Explore your health and fitness from a totally new perspective. You will define exactly what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get it.

Health and Fitness affect all other aspects of life. A win here is a win everywhere.

Health and Fitness
Complete your Health and Fitness Life Zone plan to understand where you are now and what improvements you would like to see.
Wellness Plan: Health & Fitness
2 questions

It’s time to think about thinking! Your intellectual life holds the power to move you quickly and forcefully towards your life’s goals.

Thoughts become things. What you think about, you bring about.

Intellectual Life
Discover your beliefs, vision, purpose and strategies for your Intellectual Life.
Wellness Plan: Intellectual Life
2 questions

In this category you'll explore the nature of emotions and discover how you can further develop your emotional intelligence. Make your emotions work for you, instead of living in reaction mode.

Emotional Intelligence
Think about all the ways your emotions affect your life as you design your Wellness Plan for your Emotional Intelligence.
Wellness Plan: Emotional Intelligence
2 questions

This is the foundational category that affects every other area of your life. During this profound exploration, you’ll define the person you need to become in order to achieve the life you desire. You’ll learn how to consciously choose the character traits you want to build into your life and develop a strategy for accomplishing that.

Think about all the ways your character can affect your life as you design your Wellness Plan for your Character.
Wellness Plan: Character
2 questions

During this remarkable journey into your spirituality, you’ll examine, define, and document your deepest beliefs about life, the world, and your place in it. You’ll discover a strength deep within and gain a valuable new perspective on the purpose and meaning of your life.

Spiritual Life
Discover all the elements of your Spiritual Life as you design your beliefs, vision, purpose and strategies.
Wellness Plan: Spiritual Life
2 questions

Here you’ll thoughtfully evaluate your relationships with friends and extended family. You’ll come to understand which relationships contribute positively to your life and which ones drain you. You’ll learn what actions you can take to strengthen your most important relationships and what you can do to let unhealthy relationships go.

Social Life
The people you choose to interact with frequently create your social circle. Examine your beliefs, vision, purpose and strategies for making your Social Life supportive and delightful.
Wellness Plan: Social Life
2 questions

In this breathtaking category, you’ll dig deep to define the values and expectations for your love life. You’ll achieve clarity on what you really want in this area of your life and identify what steps you can take to create and nurture an extraordinary love relationship.

Love Relationship
Your love relationship determines your quality of life in many ways. Dig deep to understand your premise, vision, purpose and strategies for a great love life.
Wellness Plan: Love Relationship
2 questions

A profound exploration for parents and non-parents alike, this category is as important as it gets, because the future of the whole human race depends on at least some of us doing it right! Examining this category at a deeper level than ever before will yield amazing results.

Parenting or Leadership Skills
Parents and leaders must have many of the same skills to be effective. Examine your premise, vision, purpose and strategy to improve your parenting or leadership skills.
Wellness Plan: Parenting/Leadership
2 questions

Explore the meaning and rewards of a great career. Discover the three pillars upon which a successful, fulfilling career is based. Learn strategies to take any career to a higher level – and make more money in the process!

Define how you will improve your Career Life Zone by understanding your beliefs, vision, and purpose. Then come up with strategies to increase your satisfaction and success in your Career.
Wellness Plan: Career
2 questions

Here you’ll deeply explore the true nature of money – what it is, where it comes from, and how wealth is actually created. From this process of self-discovery, you’ll come to view yourself and your financial life in an entirely new way.

Financial Life
Check in with your thoughts and beliefs about money and notice if you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance attitude.
Wellness Plan: Financial Life
2 questions

This category will get you crystal clear on how you wish to spend the hours, the days, and the years of your life. As you delve into your Quality of Life you’ll discover how it can lead to rewarding spiritual, intellectual, and emotional breakthroughs and improve who you are as a human being.

Quality of Life
When you bring together all the Life Zones in harmony you have a picture of your Quality of Life. What can you define in this big picture of your life and your future?
Wellness Plan: Quality of Life
2 questions
+ Goals: Defining, Setting & Achieving
1 lecture 16:29

Goal setting helps us determine our priorities, get organized, make big decisions and realize our dreams.

Goals: Defining, Setting & Achieving
Goals, like maps, help you get to your destination much faster than sailing through life aimlessly. See how easily you can now define, set and daily commit to your goals.
Define, Set & Achieve Your Goals
2 questions
+ Recap & Next Steps
1 lecture 07:39

Let's review what we've accomplished in this course and discuss what comes next.

Recap & Next Steps
+ Bonus
1 lecture 09:43

There are additional free modules as well as other supportive continuing services available and offered in this video along with the attached Resource of links.

Bonus Modules & Materials