Grow Your Sales By Learning Selling Skills

Sales training course to help you become a good salesman. Learn simple techniques and principles required for sales
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Initial course to get you started in direction of growth
Learn few tricks that are essential to grow sales
Skills required in a salesman for sales growth
How good salesmen deal with customers


  • Sales is a skill that can be acquired and mastered by anyone


A short sales course to help salesmen get started. The principles described in this course are for everyone. Anyone can learn the skills of sales and apply them in the life. These selling skills help in selling one very situation. Learn important life skill of selling now!

The objective of this course is to get you started on your journey to be a good salesman. The course is to give you a brief idea on what principles help you become a good salesman. These skills are universal principles no matter what industry or medium you use to generate your sales. When you finish this course and are ready you can move on to the next sales course on being the greatest salesman. The greatest salesman course will give you all the tools and techniques you need for success. The greatest salesman course is regularly updated to give you latest learnings and updates. Learning is a never ending process and the only way to succeed is to keep learning and acquiring new skills. I wish you all the best on the journey you are starting to become a selling machine! You can always reach out and message me to discuss your sales and business experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone. We have to sell ourselves all the time, to our management, colleagues, partners, and community. We are also always being sold to, being persuaded to buy something or the other. Everyone will benefit from this course.
  • It is a beginners course to get you started on the path, once you are dedicated towards your growth, move onto my next courses.

Course content

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  • Introduction


Serial Entrepreneur, Salesman and Motivator
Salil Dhawan
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Salil Dhawan is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown and automated over 7 businesses including a manufacturing business that supplies to an Amazon seller business that has increased distribution by being in wholesale business as well as 3 wholly-owned retail locations.

He has also used his knowledge from Business School at Boston University along with his experience in Business to start a Coaching as well as Consulting Business so that he can help entrepreneurs through his own learnings and experience.

His motivation to create courses as well as start coaching came from a feeling of lack of support he felt in his journey at times. The feeling changed when he met his mentor who supported him and gave him strength throughout his journey. To emulate the fulfillment his mentor received by helping entrepreneurs, he has started the same journey.

He looks forward to helping everyone achieve their potential and have a great sales career, business and life.