How to BBQ Brisket (Master Class) Burnt Ends, 12 Hour Cook

Do you want to learn how to cook brisket? Well my recipe seems to be a hit every time I cook it. I hope you enjoy it.
Upon course completion the student will be able two separate the point from the flat of the brisket prepare and properly cook the brisket as well as seasoning


  • Just need a BBQ smoker, possible charcoal and wood chunks for smoking


Inthis course will be learning how to cook brisket over a barbecue pit.

Total cook time on this brisket is 11 hours. A very common cook time for most briskets is around 12 to 13 hours.

In this course I'll be separating the point from the flat on the brisket,seasoning the brisket, getting our pit setup, smoking the meat, rapping the meat, cooking the brisket rest of the way ,then presenting.

I hope you enjoy this course on how to smoke a brisket. There are many different ways but this one has been the easiest way I know as well as the favored from party guests.

So grab a pen and paper feel free to take some notes if you have any questions give them in the Q&A and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to smoke a brisket

Course content

1 section5 lectures34m total length
  • Let's get started
  • separating brisket point from flat
  • Setting up smoker
  • Rapping and continue to cook
  • Final product


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