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I will be sharing skills and Ideas to achieve your goal with effective mind techniques. These are techniques which will help you to frame your thoughts in a way that makes Success easy.

Finally mindset is more power than skillset.  It is a positive mindset that is the most important criteria for achieving success. You may find many people who are less qualified than you but are in a better position than you be it Financial, health or in better relationships. So which is more important it is Mindset. A person with best of skillset but with negative attitude will not yield anything. It is only a positive attitude that helps achieve your goals.

There are various mind techniques which can enhance your mindset level and state thus making you highly effective and resourceful and this is your power which will ensure you succeed in all levels of life.

Simple meditation techniques and change in thought process pattern will create miracle in your life that you would have always dreamt off.

Basically people are not aware of what they think.. they are in not aware of their goals and they expect huge success with this level of confusion

So think positive

Think positive

Think positive

And change your life on all parameters

Who this course is for:

  • For those looking to achieve their goals with ease


Life Coach and Mind Trainer
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I am Ashish Manjeshwar from Mumbai, India. I am a Life Coach and a NLP Trainer. I have helped people transform their lives by using effective techniques and meditation in the area of Achieving Goals, Improving Health and Relationships, for Gaining Confidence and so on. These techniques and meditation works at the sub-conscious level thus making the outcome more easy.

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