How to achieve a complete 'All Star' LinkedIn Profile

Learn how profile completeness can dramatically transform your ability to be found on LinkedIn and in Google search
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (310 ratings)
10,816 students
How to achieve a complete 'All Star' LinkedIn Profile
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (310 ratings)
10,816 students
Learn about the business impact of Profile Compleness on being found on LinkedIn
Understand how Profile Completeness can dramatically improve your visibility on Google Search
Learn and implement the minimal six elements of Profile Completeness necessary to achieve an 'All Star' Profile status on LinkedIn
Understand why having a Complete LinkedIn Profile is the most important element for using Linkedin


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If you follow this course “How to achieve an All Star profile completeness on LinkedIn" you will learn and understand why completing your LinkedIn profile can dramatically improve your performance the platform for either lead generation and sales, B2B marketing or recruitment.

The curriculum is structured in a logical, sequential order making it easy to follow and implement seamlessly into your working day.

Note: This course is updated regularly with new lectures and downloadable pdfs.

What does this course offers that others don't:

  • Its completely free so you pay nothing
  • The videos are precise with no fat on them, no words are wasted
  • The instructions are clear and easily understood
  • No one else offers a free course on a topic that is so important when using LinkedIn
  • You will qualify for money off coupon for your next course if you complete the course and leave feedback

The course duration is a lean 30 minutes for completion of all 9 Videos. Enjoy

Who this course is for:
  • This course curriculum is designed for business development professionals, B2B marketers, business owners, recruitment consultants, entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to dramatically improve their chances of being found by anyone search on either LinkedIn or Google
Course content
4 sections • 12 lectures • 38m total length
  • About the Course Trainer
  • Why achieving Profile Completeness on LinkedIn is the most important task
  • How Profile Completeness impacts your potential to be found on Linkedin
  • How Profile Completeness impacts your SEO rankings on Google
  • What are the Six levels of Profile Completeness of LinkedIn
  • Headline, Photo, Contact details and Creating an Unique URL
  • The Importance of Compelling Summary to achieve Profile Completeness
  • Adding your a Current and Previous Job descriptions
  • Adding your Skills and endorsements to your profile
  • Adding 50 first degree connections to complete an
  • Conclusion good luck and a summary
  • Bonus Lecture: Money Off for Completed Students

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