How Optimism Can Be One of Your Superpowers for Good

How Optimism Can Help You Leave Your Mark on the World
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How optimism impacts outcomes
How to be optimistic in the face of challenges
How gratitude builds optimism
Tactics for strengthening your self-image


  • Anyone can learn to be more optimistic. Start today!


Optimism leads to better outcomes and greater success. This course will provide you with a remarkable example of optimism leading to significant impact. You will learn five easy things you can do each day to shift your mindset toward optimism.

Slava Rubin, the co-founder of Indiegogo, the crowdfunding giant, explained to course instructor Devin Thorpe that his superpower is optimism. The course will show you what resulted from optimism. The results may surprise you.

If you are already optimistic, this course will help you create a true optimism superpower. If a lack of optimism is a limiting factor in your life, completing this course can help you remove the limits so you can accomplish more good in the world. Unleash your full potential. The world needs you to be and do your best.

The course will teach you how to do these five easy things every day to become more optimistic:

  1. Think of 3 good things

  2. Express gratitude

  3. See silver linings

  4. Look forward—reread your vision of success

  5. Mechanize daily affirmations

Positivity isn't just about success, it's about being happy and helping those around you to be happier, too. You can do it! Optimism doesn't guarantee success; it just improves the odds. Almost certainly, however, optimism will help you become happier.

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to change the world for good, this course is for you! Whether you are optimistic today or not, this course will help you.

Course content

3 sections10 lectures34m total length
  • Introduction
  • Slava Rubin's Superpower: Optimism
  • Slava Rubin's Impact


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Devin is a bestselling author who ran for Congress in 2020. He calls himself a champion of social good. Drawing on more than 1,200 interviews with changemakers, he loves to share stories of their “superpowers for good.” As a Forbes contributor, with over 500 bylines and over two million unique readers, he became a recognized name in the social impact arena. His podcast, featuring celebrities, CEOs, billionaires, entrepreneurs—including Bill Gates—and others who are out to change the world, gave him a recognizable face as well.

His books, focusing on helping readers do more good in the world, have been read over 1 million times!

He has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars via crowdfunding. He twice hosted a 24-hour livestream via YouTube on #GivingTuesday, featuring more than 90 interviews with nonprofit leaders.

Previously, Devin served as the CFO of the third-largest company on the 2009 Inc. 500 list. He also founded and led a FINRA-registered investment bank. After completing a degree in finance at the University of Utah, he earned an MBA from Cornell University.

Having lived on three continents and visited over 40 countries on six continents and with guests from around the world on his show, Devin brings a global perspective on purpose-driven leadership to international audiences–from the UN to Nepal–empowering them to do more good and make their mark on the world. These lessons also enable them to change their personal lives and to drive positive change within their organizations.

Today, Devin channels the idealism of his youth, volunteering whenever and wherever he can, with the loving support of his wife, Gail. Their son, Dayton, works in San Francisco. Frequently finding himself on airplanes, Devin is glad to be middle-seat-sized.