How I Learned 12 Languages — The Polyglot Mind Series

Discover the mindset and learn the tools that you need to learn languages quickly
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Become efficient in your learning languages
Focus on what matters when you learn the language
Learn from real-life situations, at any time of the day
Gain confidence in your ability to speak any language


  • Self-belief and a can-do mentality!
  • No language skills apart from your mother tongue! (and English to understand the course ;-))


From learning over 10 languages and teaching hundreds of students over 5 years, Sébastien Nuñez has developed a quick step-by-step method to will get you to learn any language that you want in a much more efficient way.

We will focus on tools you can use at any moment of the day, without having to be sitting behind a desk or in a classroom. Learn from real-life situation so that you can learn the real-life language!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has a strong desire to learn a language.
  • Anyone who wants to get tools for faster language learning.

Course content

5 sections30 lectures1h 39m total length
  • What is this course about
  • Is this course for you?
  • My TEDxTalk: “The multilingual in you”
  • A brief disclaimer


Hyper-polyglot (10+ languages), TEDx Speaker and TEDx Coach
Sébastien Roger de Nuñez
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 210 Reviews
  • 7,450 Students
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Sébastien Roger de Nuñez is an international public speaking coach, training in the TED Talk Format for Thought Leaders.  

He is also working with language coaching for high-performance business leaders, himself speaking more than 10 languages! After having his own language school for many years, he has developed the Polyglot Mind method, changing the language-learning journey of many lucky people.  

Sébastien's TEDx Talk "The Multilingual in you" has reached over 175'000 views. Having helped hundreds of people all over the world to find a better way to approach languages, in a more efficient and fun way, he is now giving a chance to YOU to learn with him. With his online courses, he is opening the door to his successful language-learning methods to a larger audience, so that anyone can learn the secrets to efficient language learning.  

More about Sébastien: He’s a TEDx speaker (you can watch his 3 TEDx Talks), a filmmaker (his movie "What Music Do You Speak?" was awarded and selected in international film festivals) and an improv actor.  

He’s been facilitating workshops, hosting talk and coaching for over 5 years. He strongly believes that improving the way we communicate with each other will lead to more professional and personal fulfillment.  

He wants to share his own experience, as well as the experience of the people he’s been coaching, to achieve this fulfillment.