How childhood and family history affect our happiness

Facts of the past which may influence you
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You will know more about...
...the influence of the roots of your parents and ancestors
...the influence of war and the suffering of past generations
...the influence guilt and shame in the family history
...the influence of early death in a family
...the influence of an early separation from the mother


  • Curiosity to understand more about the obscure reasons for human behaviour


You want to enjoy your life much more?

You do not feel at one with your life?

You are eager to understand your emotions for which you don’t know the triggers?   

You don’t get why sometimes strange emotions and moods come out of the blue and affect your life?   

It is well known that certain facts of the past influence your present wellbeing. Still, many people underestimate their influence. Therefore, getting to know these facts as well as understanding the power and importance of these will help you to increase your quality of life both in your relationships and your career.   

I will give you food for thought and teach you recent insights from a method called family constellation to make sense out of your emotions like anger, fear, depression or guilt. Thus, in the end, you will know yourself better and you have done your very first and big step towards enjoying your life much more!

Feedback on udemy: "Very informative and great content. Gives an understanding how our ancestors are connected to us and how family roots/history affects our life, and why family constellations can be great healing. I appreciate the instructor for the course on this topic, thank you. Gratitude. " T. A.

“Absolutely brilliant course So got me thinking in so many ways as to different aspects of me, my childhood plus so much more Thank you” C. J.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to know more about hidden influences of the past on the present life of yourself or of others


Therapeut, Trainer und Coach
Bertold Ulsamer
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~* German Version below *~

PhD in law, certified clinical psychologist, NLP-trainer, trauma therapist (Peter Levine), originally from Germany. My strength is: Putting complicated psychological issues in a nutshell. Understandable for everyone - because the essence is simple! Moreover, I want my participants not only to get ahead theoretically, but also practically. Thus I set great value on them making new experiences and gaining new personal insights.

After graduating in law I also studied psychology. I quickly noticed that I way prefer working with humans to working with paragraphs. So I started to practice as a psychologist - initially with individuals, then mainly with groups. Together with a colleague I founded an institute for NLP in management trainin~* German Version below *~g. We developed and held many seminars about leadership, self-management and communication for customers like BMW, Siemens and Lufthansa.

In the 90’s I discovered the great influence of your own family of origin through the method of “family constellations”. Using this instrument I returned to working as a therapist and held seminars and trainings all over the world (e.g. in Australia, India, South Africa, Russia and the US).

Today I integrate everything I have learned working as a coach and therapist, for the last 9 years, oftentimes in China. I am the author of more than 20 books in the field of professional communication, self-management, family constellations and personal growth that have been translated into 10 languages.

If you are interested in the work I am doing then you may want to get information about my new courses and books. Inscribe you for my newsletter! And you will get reductions of some courses. You can do that on my website.

Dr. jur., Dipl.-Psychologe, NLP-Trainer, Traumatherapeut (Peter Levine). Meine Stärke ist: komplizierte psychologische Sachverhalte verständlich auf den Punkt bringen. Denn das Wesentliche ist im Grunde einfach! Und dann ist mir vor allem wichtig, dass Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer eigene Erfahrungen machen und neue Einsichten gewinnen statt nur in der Theorie schlauer zu werden!

Nach dem Jurastudium habe ich noch Psychologie studiert. Schnell habe ich gemerkt, dass mir Menschen lieber sind als Paragraphen. Habe dann mit einer kleinen Praxis angefangen, aber vor allem immer mit Gruppen gearbeitet. Ein Kollege und ich gründeten dann ein Institut für Management-Training, wo ich viele Seminare zu Führung, Kommunikation und Selbst-management durchführte für Kunden wie BMW, Lufthansa und Siemens. Mitte der 90er Jahre entdeckte ich die große Auswirkung der eigenen Familie im Hintergrund über die Methode Familienaufstellungen. Damit ging ich noch einmal in die therapeutische Richtung und führte Seminare und Fortbildungen in der ganzen Welt durchgeführt (z. B. in Australien, Indien, Südafrika, USA, Russland) Heute integriere ich all das, was ich bisher gelernt habe, und arbeite als Seminarleiter, Therapeut und Coach, seit zehn Jahren häufig in China. Ich bin Autor von 24 Büchern zu den Themen Kommunikation, Selbstmanagement und Aufstellungsarbeit, von denen es Übersetzungen in zehn Sprachen gibt. 

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