Dyslexia and Mind Mapping: How the BulletMap™ Method helps.

Discover how mind mapping can bring creative order to chaotic thoughts with the BulletMap Method!
Free tutorial
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5,965 students
48min of on-demand video

Discover why dyslexia assessments recommend mind mapping for students
Understand the struggles of dyslexia and use them to your advantage
How a student can use a mind mapping system in an actual exam to get better grades.
Learn how mind mapping differs from other study techniques
How Mindmapping is more effective than spider diagrams or bubble maps.
A way to explain to your creative child why things get muddled so easily in their head.
Understand how dyslexia trips children up in unexpected ways in High School
Know some of the advantages of Dyslexia.
Know the 5 core principles of Mind Mapping.
Seen a BulletMap™ being demonstrated live to capture a parents QnA
Show your child how keywords are so useful.
How finding keywords is a process and not just done in one go.


  • Are you a parent of a creative child or a dyslexic child?
  • Is your child eager to progress in school and gain qualifications?
  • Do you want to understand how dyslexia works on a practical level?
  • Get a sheet of paper and doodle while you watch.


Do you want to understand the struggles of dyslexia and use it to your advantage? Are you looking to discover new study possibilities you can use at school? Then you're in the right place! 

This is a Free course taken from a live training session with Parents of Dyslexic teens looking for practical answers. Its here for you to enrich your understanding of Mindmapping and Dyslexia. Its fast paced, media rich and interactive. It's ideal for parents exploring practical solutions for creative children to master High School work.

This course will give you basic knowledge on both mind mapping and dyslexia. We will help you learn the difference of mind mapping from other study techniques and discover why colleges and universities recommend using this skill.  Also why many dyslexia assessors recommend mind mapping as a core skill for dyslexia.

We will be looking in-depth to the daily lives of a dyslexic teenager and how parents and children can use mind mapping as an effective skill to overcome many of the challenges of High school.

This course will help you as a parent or child understand dyslexia in an imaginative way. It will also help you understand how mind mapping can be used in a way that brings focus rather than randomness and confusion.

Its not a training in the actual BulletMap™ techniques. Its here to motivate you or your child to understand how valuable it can be and understand the basics before learning the practical skills.

This course is for:

- Parents

- Creative Children and Teenagers

- People who think they may be Dyslexic

You'll learn-

- What a day in the life of Dyslexic teen can be like

- Understand challenges and advantages of Dyslexia

- How Mind mapping can be used to bring order to creative chaos

- Next possible steps in your journey of discovery.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for teenagers in high school who are feeling overwhelmed with information overload.
  • Teenagers who are completely new to mind mapping that is looking for more efficient ways to study.


Teacher, Designer and Community Worker
Darius Namdaran
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
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  • 12,537 Students
  • 2 Courses

Avid learner and teacher. 25 Years of experience with mind mapping and project management. I've taught people to mind map in many settings, from school children to whole classes of University Students. I learnt during my Law Degree at Edinburgh University 25 years ago. Now I love to teach people these skills online. I want to help working students, especially those returning to do a second degree while working, how to deal with the information workload with mind mapping.

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