Typing aid to reduce number of keystrokes you need to type
4.0 (64 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Typing aid to reduce number of keystrokes you need to type

Greatly speed-up your typing & be more accurate by letting the computer type the words for you with Text Expansion
4.0 (64 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,505 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Type short abbreviations that will expand in any windows program
  • Quickly fill out forms / emails / etc. that require the same text
  • Autocomplete words in any Windows program
  • Trigger programs / Events by typing a few keys
  • Windows / PC user at a beginner level

How would you like to increase your typing speed by 1,000% ?  This course can easily do that for you!  Not only will it increase your speed, it will increase your accuracy / reliability!  You will be able to type a couple of letters & have it replaced with whole words / paragraphs.

In our daily life it is AMAZING how frequently we re-type the same words over and over.  It might be your name, the name of your company, instructions on performing a recurring task, a greeting, a salutation, etc.  The list is truly endless. 

Text Expansion (HotStrings) are the simplest and fastest way to start automating your computer!  Instead of trying to learn how to type 200 wpm, learn how to type 3 characters that will instantly get replaced by the entire sentences you wanted and it will be typed perfectly EVERY TIME!

While the basics of HotStrings are very easy to learn, we also take a deep-dive into various scenarios where they can be more complicated & discuss trouble-shooting "tricky" issues. 

Learn to work smarter, not harder by stopping to learn how to type and learn to work smarter!

Who this course is for:
  • People that wish to be more productive & efficient
  • People that enter the same data/text over and over
  • People wanting to focus on work that matters, not the mundane
  • Data entry employees
  • People working in offices needing very specific text
Course content
Expand all 22 lectures 01:23:47
+ Introduction & Setup
6 lectures 12:29

This lecture introduces HotStrings and gives a few examples how you can leverage them in virtually any Windows-based program.  HotStrings are similar to autocorrect on your phone however you provide the text you want to be inserted.

Preview 02:08

In this lecture we review where to download AutoHotkey from and what version we recommend.  Unicode 32 bit is the recommended version as it will allow for Unicode characters and work well with most programs.

Preview 01:44

In this session we discuss various IDEs / Editors for AutoHotkey.   AutoHotkey uses plain text thus you could use notepad to edit your files however the Intellisense (color highlighting) and Calltips (code suggestions) are extremely helpful!

We used SciTE4AutoHotkey in our tutorials however AHK Studio & Notepad++ are just as strong editors.

Preview 02:25

This session we discuss the basics you want to have in your HotString script.  The following three lines are the code you most-likely want to have in your initial file.

#SingleInstance, Force ;ensure only 1 version of this script will be run at a time
#Persistent ;Don't automatically exit
#NoEnv ;No Envoronment (saves memory)

Preview 03:01

In this session we talk through the concept of having your HotStrings in one file verse individual files.  If you plan to create content you'll share withe colleagues, you might want to use multiple files.  If you are only going to use them yourself then one is fine.

Preview 01:25

This session discusses default ending characters.  Unless the Asterisk option is on, you must type an "ending" character after your HotString abbreviation to "trigger" the replacement.

Ending Character and Escaping Replacements

Covering installing of AutoHotkey & editors

Intro Quiz
3 questions
+ Creating your first HotString
7 lectures 39:25

We (finally) get to work on your first HotString!  This session reviews just how easy it is to create some basic HotStrings.  We also cover inserting line-breaks by using the ` to escape an "r"(line break) and "n" (new line).

Your First HotString

In the early 90's nearly everything was encoded in ANSI.  Today Unicode characters are much more prevalent than you would think.  From things like fractions (½, ¼ , etc) to Emojis 

Sending Unicode

There are some characters that AutoHotkey reserves for special actions.  This lecture we review special characters and how to send them.  You can also send things as "raw" by adding an "r" in between the first two colons.

We also switch to using a HotKey to reload the script.  In the example it is the "Browser_forward" key (which you may/may not have on your keyboard).  It can be really any key (or a combination of keys) but you want something that is convenient/easy for you to hit.  In this example, when you hit it, it triggers the "reload" command and reloads the script for me.

Sending Special Characters

If you are doing some programming with AutoHotkey and want to send the value of a variable in your HotString you need to use the send command and insert a return after your variable.  In this lecture I also demonstrate using some of the built-in "time" variables.

Sending the Value of a Variable
Repeating keys, Moving end-point, and No Backspace

In this lecture we review long HotStrings (Greater than 16 thousand characters) & special characters (New lines, etc).  We review three different solutions for sending long strings.

Using HotStrings with large amounts of text
Omitting need for End Character and Making HotStrings Case Insensitive

Reviewing lectures in Section 2

Section 2 Quiz
4 questions
+ Customizing your HotStrings
5 lectures 17:45

In this lecture we will show you how to customize what text is sent depending on what program you are in.

When you have specific HotStrings tied to a program, make sure you list them above the generic entry.

Intro to Context-Sensitive HotStrings
Advanced Context Sensitive HotStrings

This lecture shows how you can use a HotString for launching a script / program.

Launching Programs with HotStrings

In this lecture we review using your hotstrings on multiple computers or on other computers that do not have AutoHotkey installed.  We demonstrate compiling your script.

Using HotStrings on Multiple Computers, Sharing Scripts & Compiling
Using HotStrings in Games

Quiz on items in Section 3

Section 3 Quiz
3 questions
+ Troubleshooting HotStrings, Script Highlights, and Wrap-up
4 lectures 14:08

Windows 7, 8, and 10 have the User Access Control which is Microsoft feature that reduces the risk of programs hijacking your computer.  We do NOT recommend you turn it off (however you might disable it as  a quick test to prove it is the cause of your issue).  

The code shared in the video to elevate your script is as follows:

;**********The script needs to be run at an elevated level- this takes care of that*****
if not A_IsAdmin ;http://ahkscript.org/docs/Variables.htm#IsAdmin
Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%"  ; Requires v1.0.92.01+

Troubleshooting Part 1: User Account Control (UAC)

In this tutorial we walk through a deeper-dive of troubleshooting your script.  Be sure to download the cheat-sheet for your convenience!

Troubleshooting Part 2: General Tips

Have a spell-check running in everything you do!   Also the featured script makes it really easy to add new HotStrings.

Script Highlight 1: Autocorrect Spellcheck

The featured script in this lecture can help you keep-track of your HotStrings.  It will look at ALL of your currently running HotStrings and give you a GUI to see what is running.

Script Highlight 2: Hotkey Help

Quiz to Section 4- Wrap up

Section 4 Quiz
2 questions