Learn basic industry challenges and current trends in hospitality, tourism, recreation, restaurants, hotels and events
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (31 ratings)
899 students
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (31 ratings)
899 students
Explain the characteristics of hospitality industry
Describe the main duties and skills of hospitality professionals working in accommodation, food and beverage and event sectors
Explain how to serve the customers and to meet the expectations of the guests in hospitality industry
Define the key drivers to customer satisfaction
Describe the hospitality service environment issues
Understand the importance of culture in hospitality field


  • No prerequisites are required

This course will introduce students to the specialty area of hospitality business. Students will learn about basic industry special events.  Students will gain an understanding of the foundation skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the world’s largest industry.  The course introduces students to the history and main characteristics of the hospitality industry, such as main sectors and services, customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations, communication aspects in a cultural diversity of this industry. Students will also gain an understanding of the relationship between the hospitality industry and the tourism sector, will be informed about the trends of this challenging industry as well as gain an overview of the different skills needed for a career in the hospitality industry. Opportunities to explore specific industry segments in more depth are offered through videos with hospitality professionals.

Who this course is for:
  • Persons in Tourism Sector Organisations
  • Organisations that wish to strenthen their hospitality services
Course content
5 sections • 16 lectures • 4h 21m total length
  • History and origin of hospitality
  • Definition and characteristics of hospitality industry
  • Relationship between the hospitality industry and tourism
  • 1st module test
    7 questions
  • Sources
  • Accommodation sector
  • Food and beverage sector
  • Recreation and special events
  • 2nd module test
    7 questions
  • Sources
  • The basics of hospitality principles: meeting guest expectations
  • Key drivers of guest satisfaction
  • Service environment and it’s importance to the quest experience
  • 3rd module test
    7 questions
  • Creating hospitality culture: importance of leaders
  • Communicating the company culture
  • Understanding cultural awareness
  • 4th module test
    7 questions
  • Hospitality and the future
  • Trends in accommodation sector
  • 5th module test
    7 questions

Interreg South Baltic Programme FOCUS project consortium
SB FOCUS project
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The project involves five partners from Lithuania (2), Sweden (1), Poland (1) and Denmark (1). The partnership is composed of the universities and a business college. The partners are supported by associated partners (biotechnology association, association of distance and e-learning as well as tourist information organisations). The project is led by the Klaipeda University from Lithuania.

The overall idea of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge and transfer of good practice from R&D sector to practitioners in marine biotechnology, marine/coastal tourism sectors as well as to students searching for education in a given field.