Horizontal support and resistance levels in trading

Levels will help make your trading system simpler and more efficient
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You'll make trading in the market more transparent, understandable and systematic
You'll make your trading results more predictable
You’ll be able to choose trades with a potentially attractive risk-reward ratio and to filter out unattractive ones
You'll figure out market opportunities on different timeframes
You'll be able to follow the chosen trading tactics


  • It's necessary to know what financial markets are and to master the basic terminology


Support and resistance levels is the simple and universal tool. They are applicable to any actively traded markets and timeframes, they don’t lag, have been in place for decades and don’t require adjustments to historical data.

Some traders, having tried many indicators in search of a perfect system, made their trading more understandable and effective due to the use of levels alone. And it’s no surprise since all ingenious is simple. Other traders use levels as an additional tool for market analysis. After completing this course, you’ll figure out how levels can improve your trading and recognize the important role of this tool in your trading plan.

This course reveals the issues needed to develop skills for applying support and resistance horizontal levels in practical trading – how to plot levels, what number of them is optimal, the properties of levels, examples in trading, etc.

The format of materials contains videos available online. The total length of video material is 90 minutes.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is intended for traders who strive to improve their trading system in any financial markets.

Course content

1 section13 lectures1h 25m total length
  • How to plot horizontal support and resistance levels
  • The first property of horizontal support and resistance levels
  • The second property of horizontal support and resistance levels
  • The third property of horizontal support and resistance levels
  • Gaps in the support and resistance levels formation
  • Breakout trading and rebound trading
  • The breakout visibility characteristics
  • Pending stop orders in the breakout trading
  • The role of support and resistance levels in the trading plan
  • Entry points on smaller timeframes
  • Breakout trading examples
  • Rebound trading examples
  • Levels – Support and Resistance Indicator


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Alexander Mikhailenko
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I'm a financial consultant, trader and analyst, as well as an author of training сourses on trading and investment. I've been studying financial markets since 2008 and have experience in trading various financial instruments, including Forex, stock options, futures.

I've been advising traders and investors, developing algorithmic trading systems and creating financial markets overviews. I have an extensive experience in cooperation with brokerage and investment companies as an analyst, trader and consultant.

Degrees: M.S. in computer science, M.S. in business administration.

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Финансовый консультант, трейдер и аналитик, автор обучающих программ по трейдингу и инвестированию. Изучает финансовые рынки с 2008  года, имеет опыт торговли различными финансовыми инструментами, включая Forex, биржевые опционы, ценные бумаги.

С 2009 года занимается консультированием трейдеров и инвесторов, разработкой торговых роботов и созданием аналитических обзоров финансовых рынков.  Имеет богатый опыт сотрудничества с брокерскими и инвестиционными компаниями в качестве преподавателя, аналитика, трейдера и консультанта.

Первое образование - инженер-программист, второе - MBA.

Является автором проекта для трейдеров OptionClue.

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I am a private trader since 2009 and I specialize in the non-indicator medium-term trading based on support and resistance levels. I'm a consultant and an author of training programs and courses. 

I am sure everybody can become a successful trader, to do this it's
important to find an appropriate trading style and strictly follow the
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