Hooray for the Holidays!

Enjoy your holidays and avoid any unpleasant experiences applying tips explained in this course. Travel cheap and safe.
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Make your holiday maximally cool.
Choose the right transport for your trip.
Find the best summer job for you.
Discover the advantages of a summer camp participation.
Enjoy parties and avoid disappointments.


  • Just dozens of minutes before a screen.
  • Review your current traveling, job and party experiences.
  • Prepare the questions you would like to have answered.


The holidays are here! Many students are looking forward to this time all the school year. But how to enjoy this precious time maximally? Do you have experience holiday is over, and you think nothing special happened? Make this holiday super special and explore new experiences!

Thank to this course you will find many tips and inputs:

  • how to travel with a low budget,
  • how and why to get good some summer job,
  • how to enjoy summer parties with your friends,
  • and also what new experiences you can have joining summer camp as a teen.

The course consists of seven animated videos (3 to 5 minutes each) and supplementary material with links to other valuable sources. Some presented information might not be new for you, but repetition is the key to deep, long-term knowledge. I believe that you will like the way the course is made!

And what is the best? Although it wasn't easy and cheap to create this course, it is completely free for you! My desire is you enjoy these holiday overtures coming from my personal experience.

Holidays is time for free entertainment, so start with this more inspiring than educating course without any boundaries!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for students who are not sure how to spend their holidays.
  • It focus also on students who appreciate some tips about traveling, earning money and enjoying parties.
  • Students with many travel, job and party experiences probably don't find any new information in this course.
  • Parents of students are welcomed as well.


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Vít Skála, Ph.D.
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What I have learned during last 20 years of my study, working and fatherhood experience, the most important for each person is to recognize his/her individual specific abilities and skills. Main decisions are usually made during high school. Happy people are those who recognize their special abilities (gifts) as young and use them in dreamed job. Unfortunately, many people do, what not fit them fully and they are in inner struggle many years. Some even whole their life.

I worked with hundreds of people of all age as a facilitator, manager, coach, teacher, trainer. I have spent roughly 23 years as a student in different kinds of schools (universities in Brno, Prague, Vancouver). I taught at Charles University in Prague and have taught dozens of business courses above on “project management” and “time management” as well. I am a doctor of public and social policy with Certificate in Education and coaching. This deep background helps to build the course that is more than just describing different study techniques.

I also have two children (boy 19 and girl 16), and both of them are excellent students. Also thanks to applying methods presented in my course.

More details from my professional life are available on LinkedIN.

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