Hiking the Northern Ways to Santiago de Campostela Basilica!

Imagine walking ancient Galician historic footpaths into the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of St James of Compostela!
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Discover the fastest routes to earn the coveted Campostella.
Use the safest porter and lodging systems to reduce your discomfort.
Map the safest way to the Santiago de Campostella basilica.


  • Basic hiking safety is useful.


Take 'Er Easy There, Pilgrim! Welcome to Real Fast Campostela!

Are you afraid of the long and dangerous walk through the Pyrenees that killed Martin Sheen’s character’s son played by Emilio Esteves in the hit movie “The Way.” The French Way in the movie is 478 miles!

The Portuguese Way up from Lisbon is shorter but still a knee rattling 373-mile slog. And the terrain is just as mountainous as that of the French trail — treacherous.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fall off of a cliff and die on the way to Catholic Mass. Have been asking yourself, “is there a better way?Here it is …

The English Way

Here is the least known, shortest way to fulfill the 100 km walking requirement to complete the Campostela in one fifth to one quarter the time, hassle, and pain. Interested?

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Who Is Dr. Scott Brown?

I am not just an associate professor of finance at the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico. I am also a scholar on the language, history, and culture of both Galicia and Portugal.

I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. And I married into a devote Catholic family that acts as a sounding board for this course.

The benefits of this course are multifold. The most important is that you will have a discussion board to ask Dr. Brown and other students questions as you plan your walk through the oaken hills and dells of historic Galicia known as Gaul by the Romans — or just the end of the world.

The Buzz

Here is what other hikers are saying in the popular press…

I met walkers who had been given a year to live” writes Tim Moore of The Guardian Newspaper in London, England. And in that same publication Andrew McCarthy reports that “I grew physically stronger each day, and by the time I strode into Santiago in late July I felt the way I always wanted to feel yet somehow never quite did.”

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The Holy Door is open this year of 2016. This has only occurred in 4 years since 1985; 1993, 1999, 2004, and 2010. This year of 2016 the Pope has opened the door for Jubilee Indulgences!

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Enroll right now! I am waiting inside to guide you up the English Way to the Holy Door and Pilgrim Mass with Campostela in hand.


Dr. Scott Brown

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who desires to earn the campostella through the northern caminos should take this course.

Course content

2 sections8 lectures47m total length
  • Welcome to the Course on Hiking the English Way to Gain the Campostela!
  • Dr. Scott Brown Explains His Interest and Motivation in Walking the English Way!
  • Daniel Hall, J.D. Explains Motivations For Bicycling the Primitive Way in 2017!
  • Testing Your Understanding of Getting the Most out of this English Course!
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