High School Introduction to Special Relativity

Introductory Physics course on Special Relativity
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A brief history of light
Galileo and Relativity
Michelson-Morley and the speed of light
Einstein and Special Relativity


  • The course requires fluency in the English Language.
  • Proficiency in junior high school math.
  • Proficiency in junior high school science.
  • This is a High School Leaving Certificate Level Physics course.


This course was originally much bigger, but revenue crashed after being added to UDEMY for business, so it was severely pruned and made free.

All deleted videos are available on my You Tube channel, 'John Moylan'  look for the astronaut picture.

(can't include a link as UDEMY are scum).

The course starts starts with summaries covering the basic properties of gravity and gravitational fields, projectile motion and uniform circular motion, Kepler's Laws, and Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation. 

The majority of the course covers Special Relativity.  These lectures cover the historic understanding of the nature of light, and the development of the Theory of Special Relativity.  The lectures cover Length, Time, and Mass effects of relativistic speed, and how to calculate these, as well as the implications of Special Relativity for Space Travel.

There is little assumed knowledge, apart from a general familiarity with science and math, such as that provided by junior (years 7 to 10) high school.  This is a Senior High School Level course, it is an introduction to concepts such as gravity, projectile motion, orbital mechanics, how rockets work and relativity.

If you are considering putting up a course on UDEMY my advice is don't do it.  Google classroom is much better :-)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested


High School Physics Teacher
John Moylan
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I am a physics teacher currently employed in the NSW school system, and can teach all science subjects, but my principal area of expertise is Physics teaching. 

I have studied both Physics and Astronomy subjects at Macquarie and Sydney Universities, giving me a sound theoretical understanding of the material covered in the HSC Physics course.  This understanding has been added to by teaching Physics and Science subjects to students in High Schools ranging from central schools in far western NSW to large high schools in Sydney.

My Qualifications include B. Sc. (hon.) from Newcastle University, Grad. Dip. Ed., from Macquarie University and an M. A. from Sydney University.

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