High Speed Data Warehouse Development

Learn How To Deliver Full Data Warehouse Solutions In WEEKS Not Months!
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Deep details of the fundamental concepts of how to load a relational data warehouse
Project management and software development techniques that drastically speed up the delivery of data solutions
Deep details of operational concepts necessary to build a robust self-serve data ecosystem


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Have you been frustrated by copious amounts of educational material that only teaches subjects in the most generic fashion? Are you tired of academic explanations of software development concepts that do not actually work in the real world? Are you looking for information that you can apply at a job tomorrow without having to figure out the technical details of your specific use case?

Well look no further because I wrote this class for you!

High Speed Data Warehouse Development is the culmination of a decade of building data warehouse ecosystems across many organizations of all sizes. No matter what database technology you’re using, no matter how much data you’re working with, there are certain fundamental software engineering and project management concepts that apply in any scenario. This class teaches those concepts.

In this class, you’ll get an introduction to such topics as:

DevOps, Agile, and statistical control processes collectively known as DataOps
Master Data Management
How to flow data through an organization using a standard software development framework
Specific instructions on how to implement the framework in your organization

No matter if you’re a seasoned data veteran or new to the career field, this class will give you solutions to problems you didn’t know you had, and with enough detail that you don’t have to fill the gaps between theory and practice.

When you’re done, you’ll be well on your way to pumping out data analytics at a pace on par with modern continuous delivery continuous integration practices that app developers have been using for years.

Enroll today! Impress your boss tomorrow!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring data engineers
  • Experienced data engineers experiencing long lead times on developing new data products
  • People that want to work in data analytics in any compacity
  • People wanting to learn SQL
  • People wanting to learn Python


Data Management Expert
Bob Wakefield
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Bob Wakefield has over 18 years of experience building data systems for numerous organizations across various industries. On many occasions, he has applied his formidable knowledge to radically advance an organization's analytic and data management capabilities. Because Bob prefers to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, he is able to provide his clients state-of- the-art data solutions. While Bob’s expertise lies in data architecture and engineering, he masterfully provides a full range of analytic solutions covering the entire data pipeline. 

Bob is a graduate of Kansas State University, Kansas University, and Rockhurst University. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems, an MBA with a corporate finance concentration, and a graduate certificate in Data Science. Bob is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. 

In his spare time, Bob enjoys cycling and retro gaming. When he’s not doing that, he can often be found flying his A-10 Warthog simulator.

Bob is a private pilot and commercial unmanned aerial systems pilot. He has over 100 hours in the following aircraft: Schweizer 2-33, Schweizer 1-26, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 175, Cessna 182RG, Pitts S-2C, Extra 300.

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