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Basic configuration of agricultural drones
Overview of agricultural drone systems
Principles of agricultural drone operation
How to operate an agricultural drone


  • This is a basic course for everyone


This course covers the basics of agricultural drones and how to operate and maintain them.

1.Agricultural drone system and principle

The operation of the drone control system developed by Hongfei is relatively simple and was introduced in detail with a PPT presentation file.

2.Agricultural drone application introduction

Introduction of the special APP for remote control, including the registration method and the introduction of drone operation mode.

3. Operation and use of agricultural drones

Let users understand how to use the drone and the corresponding use scenarios.

Most Hongfei drones are equipped with special kits, and this course will also introduce these kits.

4. Operation of drone related equipment

Operation of drone related equipment, including chargers, batteries and other common equipment.

5. Maintenance and repair of drones

This course will show the user how to perform routine maintenance of the drone, which also includes cleaning the drone after operation.

6. Safety and precautions for drone operation

This is the most important part of the course. Using the drone safely not only ensures efficient operation, but also reduces the possibility of damage to the drone.

7. Common calibration operations

This includes the calibration of the drone's magnetic compass, the calibration of the remote control, and other necessary calibration tasks.

We hope that these topical courses will help users to better understand Hongfei drones and be able to use them safely and efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • For those who have purchased an agricultural drone from Hongfei's HF series
  • For those who own an agricultural drone


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