Artificial Intelligence In Bioinformatics

Take the first step into machine learning for bioinformatics with a step-by-step approach
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Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Image Analysis


  • Python knowledge recommended


This free course is heavily based on the ideology of "learning by doing" and, as a result, will be very hands-on. Students will learn a lot more about the emerging field of the future, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, through a series of mini-projects relating to biology in a field known as bioinformatics that can be expanded on after the course. As a result of the projects being done throughout the course, students will also gain further research and publication ideas, such as science fairs and journals. These projects include:

  • Using breast cancer dimension data to classify breast cancer

  • Classifying bioassay data

  • Detecting pneumonia by analyzing lung images with convolutional neural networks

  • Detecting malaria by analyzing skin images

Who this course is for:

  • Biologists interested in computational applications
  • Beginner programmers interested in data science
  • High school students interested in science fairs

Course content

5 sections19 lectures1h 41m total length
  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Structure of the Course
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Introduction to Machine Learning


Chief Technical Officer at The Helyx Initiative
Yash Gupta
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I am Yash Gupta, a rising medical AI engineer. I am the Chief Technological Officer at The Helyx Initiative. I also have lots of experience working with machine learning in a biological context. My work revolves around using image analysis and data analysis in the context of deep learning. I have been programming for upwards of 10 years and am excited to transfer my knowledge!