HEARThrive - Module 2 - Optimize Your Diet For Heart Health

You Can Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk With A Proper Diet
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Students will learn how diet influences heart health.


  • It may help if the student has watched HEARThrive Module 1 on Blood Work, but that is not a requirement.


Could your diet truly make a difference in preventing heart disease? Absolutely! Learn what to do in HEARThrive Module 2. The magic of a heart healthy diet largely involves keeping your blood sugar under control. Blood sugar responds to the foods that you eat. To avoid big increases in blood glucose after a meal or snack you must pay attention to your food choices. Avoiding sugar in candies, soda pop and desserts is an obvious starting point. But many other foods are high in carbohydrates, especially wheat flour, and these pose problems as well because the carbs get converted into sugar. Another big health hazard with food is hydrogenated oil and high Omega-6 seed oils used in many processed foods. Food sends information within your body that affects many aspects of your health. Dr. Mark Hyman explains that food "speaks" to your genes, your hormones, your immune system and microbiome, your mitochondria, your brain chemistry and more. We'll be covering these topics in last four modules of HEARThrive. For now, you can get a big head start by choosing "real" food. By that I mean simple, quality food versus processed multi-ingredient and chemically adulterated processed food.  Like most people, I did almost everything wrong, and sure enough I needed triple bypass surgery at age 66. My twin brother underwent a quadruple bypass at age 58. Your fate is in your hands and will be strongly influenced by your diet. When you apply what you learn in HEARThrive Module 2 on DIET you will learn how to lower your risk and/or avoid getting heart disease.

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  • I am targeting men and women who want to understand proper food choices for optimal health.

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