Healthy Eyes (Eye Yoga: The must for all of us)

Make your vision Perfect & get rid of modern screen time pain. Myopia/Hypermetropia/Weak eye muscles/Peripheral & more..
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Eyes Yoga (10 minutes exercise for everyday)
Anatomy of eyes
Common Problems related to eyes
Nutritions for healthy eyes
Attaining Focus through eyes
Vision span & more..


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What to say on eyes!

In the world of Philosophy the eyes reveal emotions, Science says its 2nd most complex Organ in motion.

In today's era we have so much to see & we all have high screen times & mostly we can't ignore that its the part of our work too.

So what to do?

Is there no way you can keep your eyes fit and healthy with good vision and enjoy life.

Well Why not my friend!

With Proper Care & Practice we can keep our healthy eyes.

**These Sections will take you on a journey deeper into our eyes:

5. Anatomy

4. Problems

3. Diet

2. Focus

1. Eye exercise

What to say on eyes!

We are going to learn about the anatomy of eyes that will help to grasp the idea that what we call the eye really means. Sure that it will enhance the Knowledge about our eyes & our understanding can be enhanced by this way. This is going to be joyful journey of your eyes.

In Our journey we will learn about the major problems around the globe related to eye vision.  Related to Myopia & Hypermetropic visions & a lot more..

Caring about Diet is a must for every healthy being. Being conscious about the nutritions, fibres & green vegetables and fruits.

Moving towards making our eyes yoga that itself is self explanatory for anyone to experience and that brings the happiness, health and what not..

I have practiced myself eye yoga and Yoga called as (Yog) in India means "Union" Practicing the Yoga helps you attain Health, Wealth, Happiness, Knowledge & a lot lot more..

Join Now and Change the way you see yourself!!

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I love tech & art both at once. I love to teach people what i know. And spend my time in writing articles & ebooks too.

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This been one of the most important inspiration why i chose to teach online because i wanna spread Words about meaningful learning which has real world applications & have indepth knowledge so that we can make and work on our own projects which i always inspire everyone to do.

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Whichever age group you are in "Its the Right time to Start learning" it never makes me feel bored and i bet once you get into it you will never feel alone or bored or not developing instead learning evolves us.

Everytime we learn we learn a Value & it becomes alive in us. Even for the fun you must find sometime to read books, take up some course or class and work on something you like or love.

"Not everything require to be use of your formal part of work but your self development will elevate your life and have the Power to Change any situation you're in or you want to be in"

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