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Understand exactly how to use hashtags in marketing to create posts that go viral. We expose it all.
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This course will give you total understanding on how to use hastags for marketing
This course will teach you how to gain viral growth and traffic to your web properties and offline businesses with ease
This course will help your posts get more views by all your friends and followers and it will increase your friends, followers and likes significantly


  • The students will need to know nothing about hashtags but will require a basic understanding of social media
  • The student will require a Twitter account, Instagram account and a Facebook account for optimum success in this course
  • The student will not require any software prior to taking this course


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See exactly how we are so successful in social media by using hashtags in all our marketing campaigns.

There is no need for expensive ad costs if you use hashtags correctly!

See exactly what tools we use to research hashtags

See exactly what tools we use to find trending hashtags

See exactly what tools we use to find the strength of hashtags to decide which ones are best to use.

See exactly what tools we use to track hashtags and our campaigns

See exactly what tools we use to do hashtag analytics

Absolutely nothing is left out. We show you everything.


This brand new course is only for people who have driven desire to succeed on the internet without having to pay heavy advertising cost to gain traffic to their web properties.

The use of hashtags is growing amongst all the major websites and adopting it into your marketing efforts before the masses start using them will allow you to lock in your web real estate before it's too late.


Students of this course get free access to my live training event where we expose our success and teach even more than what's revealed in this course.


Perhaps you already understand how to use hashtags in your social media marketing but manual labor is for the birds. Find out the softwares you need to be using in order to automate a lot of the work in order to achieve optimum success.


We share exactly how you can use hashtags to earn money on the web as well.

I'm sure you have seen the social posts that have thousands of likes and shares but you never understood why…

Hashtags are very powerful and you can take this knowledge and apply it starting today in order to have that kind of success yourself.

It's actually very simple. When the social networks figure out that hashtags have actually reduced the need for expensive advertising on their networks, what will they do?

“I have 22 years' experience in guerilla and viral marketing and I am always testing out new ways to gain attraction to web assets in a viral manner, hashtags is one of those golden nuggets I found and use every day!

Look over my shoulder in hours of training videos where I show you exactly what you need to be doing in order to succeed starting today.

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Who this course is for:

  • This hashtag course is meant for anyone that is interested in learning how to use hashtags for marketing
  • This is for anyone looking to build their social identity significantly
  • This is for local business operators that are looking to increase foot traffic to their businesses from social media
  • This is not for anyone who doesn't plan on being socially active on the internet


22 Years of Experienced Marketing and Digital Product Sales
Infinite Income Academy
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 1,849 Reviews
  • 58,975 Students
  • 1 Course

The Infinite Income Academy is a joint venture project between Troy R. James and 80+ of his Students. Their wealth of knowledge is an accumulation of everything they have learned from over the years of combined experience, beginning from the infancy of the internet and continuing to the present day. They have proven their expertise time and time again, mastering the techniques needed to succeed through the years in spite of the fluctuating economy and the ever-changing effectiveness of various online marketing systems.

Their passion to help others succeed, especially during these difficult economic times, has spurred them to develop the highest quality products and training and to make them available at an affordable price. This means that, for the first time, regular people with a passion to succeed can now learn exactly how to achieve their goals and dreams in the shortest time possible. Until now, this knowledge has been a closely guarded secret held by those who had already achieved great success.

As a student, you will discover that each lecture goes straight to the point, covering all the information you need, and nothing you don't need. You won't have to waste time trying to find the gold nuggets within the course, because each course has already been streamlined so that only the gold nuggets remain.

You will find that many of the courses released by this powerful duo will also include valuable extras such as access to special internet events, bonus training, and even custom software which has been specially created by their developers to help you implement their training more effectively and more efficiently.

Troy R. James (TJ) is known as a man of many talents and is frequently referred to as the guy that Hollywood and the super-rich call on when they need to get their message delivered to the masses in record time.

His 22 years of experience is apparent in his online courses and in the value of the information he shares with his peers and his students on a regular basis.

Experience and Knowledge

TJ blows the competition away when it comes to generating huge amounts of viral traffic in the shortest time possible. Hiring him as a Viral Marketer comes at a heavy price, but he is absolutely the only guy to trust if you need to have your message go viral within a 48 hour window.

TJ started as a Guerrilla Marketer straight out of school, applying his knowledge to promote those in the entertainment industry as well as for his own nightclubs (which he purchased from his earnings in the early 90's when he helped many bands produce their albums and establish their place in the limelight). With the evolution of the internet, TJ was able to learn from early pioneers and soon had mastered techniques to grab the attention and generate massive momentum to build huge web audiences as quickly as possible, for any niche or demographic.

After having had enough of the bar scene TJ expanded into event planning and management for some of the largest industry leaders, during which time he consistently helped pack venues for speaking engagements, concerts and trade shows.

Always the innovator and investor, TJ expanded his business, applying his expertise to real estate development -- where he was able to amass a large portfolio before listening to bad advice which caused him to lose everything in late 2011/early 2012.

This resulted in a severe depression which kept him on the sidelines for almost 8 months.

Never one to be kept down for long, TJ exploded back on the scene, diving headfirst into several new pursuits which he quickly dominated and became a recognized leader in. These include starting a leading software company, creating digital courses and products and becoming a professional speaker and instructor in the online marketing niche. This niche utilizes all aspects of his experience, and his uncanny ability to consistently generate a multiple 7-figure annual income online proves that he still has cutting edge knowledge which leads to continued success.

It is common to see him posing with celebrities at televised events and in the limelight. Not one to keep his secrets to himself, TJ generously shares his strategies and techniques with his students, many of whom started out living paycheck-to-paycheck but have gone on to achieve great success simply by implementing the exact steps that TJ taught them to do in his courses. TJ believes that anyone can achieve success if they have the right roadmap and if they follow it carefully – and his track record proves that his roadmap works for his students.

In 2014, TJ branched out again, this time developing systems that generate recurring incomes for retail service businesses. He invited some of his most successful students to get involved and hired some of the most knowledgeable people in each field. Even though still in their infancy, these new systems have already surpassed expectations and are on target to be massively successful.

He lives by the old adage “Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime!"

TJ has built a buyers list of over 73,000 students since his comeback in 2012, and plans to aggressively increase that number well into the next decade. The testimonials and references you see in his courses are from real people who can be found online and are always happy to share their opinion of TJ because of the value he delivers to his students and peers.

TJ now employs over 170 subcontractors in various segments of his business, and releases products weekly in his own name as well as regularly partnering with many other equally talented marketers and students.

He produces so much training in such short periods of time that his students regularly wonder where he finds the time to create all that training as well as implement the systems he teaches in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of what he displays. But you will notice when you listen to his lectures that it really is him and not someone else creating his materials. He claims “It's a case of learning how to micro manage to perfection."

Before any of his courses are released to the public, he shares the training with a small group of his closest long-term customers. They implement what he teaches and prove its effectiveness in the real world. Their questions and feedback give him what he needs in order to make sure that the materials being shared cover every aspect of the topic, so when it is released to the public, he knows it delivers on its promised success.

Infinite Income Academy was created in order to help as many people as possible achieve success in as short of time as possible, by over-delivering on ways to propel marketing efforts and increase earnings online, even when starting out with little or no knowledge or experience prior to taking the courses on Udemy.

The course prices are based on the value of the content and not on the length of the materials. As a student to the Infinite Income Academy you will learn many things that most online instructors have never even heard of, much less thought of, and this clearly demonstrates just how knowledgeable TJ and his associates are in the online marketing arena.

Troy and company also have invited some of their qualified staff and associates to create courses based on topics they have learned inside and out while working with this dynamic team. The course qualities meet the quality and standards that the guys felt were required and are reviewed by TJ and his team before ever being uploaded under the Infinite Income Academy brand.

We encourage you to discover for yourself how valuable their training can be. Take some of their courses and take action and DO what the course teaches you to do. Then you will know from your own experience the immense value of the training from Infinite Income Academy and that you have finally found the roadmap that, when you follow it, will help you achieve your own goals for success.

Welcome to Infinite Income Academy. Dive into the courses, implement the training, and be sure to share your experience and your success with others.

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