Happiness Habits
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Happiness Habits

6 science-backed strategies for boosting your well-being, taught by a PhD psychologist & teacher of Positive Psychology
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
22 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Nick Holton
Last updated 9/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Learn 6 science-backed strategies for boosting and maintaining types of happiness taught at some of the most esteemed institutions in the world
  • Interventions on gratitude that boost HAPPINESS, OPTIMISM AND HEALTH
  • Basic practices in mindfulness and meditation which can DECREASE EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY, STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION while increasing MEMORY & FOCUS
  • An empirical taxonomy of human strengths and activities for using and developing them which can lead to increase HAPPINESS, ENGAGEMENT & LIFE-SATISFACTION
  • Strategies for investing in, deepening and enhancing relationships in your life, which are the NUMBER 1 PREDICTOR of happiness
  • The science of kindness and activities to help you identify and execute acts of kindness which are HUGE happiness boosters
  • Research on and strategies for creating FLOW, which can lead to greater HAPPINESS, CREATIVITY, SATISFACTION and more
  • PLUS! A bonus hack by introducing you to the science of money and happiness and guiding some activities to help you think about create the right relationship for you.
  • BONUS MATERIALS: Learn about scientific measures for well-being and get access to tools that will allow you to measure your own!
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Over 30 years of rigorous empirical work has revealed a list of simple activities and strategies that we can use to literally raise our happiness. This course will take you through this science and more importantly, these strategies. You'll learn simple strategies to enhance your well-being and your life overall. You will learn...

1. The science of gratitude, which when done correctly, can increase happiness, optimism and more.

2. How to develop a mindfulness routine, which can decrease stress, anxiety, emotional reactivity and increase focus and memory.

3. To identify and use your strengths which can lead to measurable increases in happiness, engagement and life-satisfaction.

4. Why and how to practice kindness and more prosocial behaviors, which has a huge impact on our happiness and the happiness of those around us (compounding the effects).

5. Tips and tricks for investing in and deepening some of your relationships. Relationships are the #1 predictor of happiness!

6. How to find flow, experiences of deep immersion where we lose sense of time, perform at high levels and feel intense satisfaction and a sense of happiness.

7. Strategies and framing for your finances, including the science of money and happiness and tips for spending in ways that will create a bigger happiness "bang" for your buck.

PLUS: Special bonus content to help you assess your levels of happiness

Unlike a lot of "happiology" courses, taught by "accredited" coaches, this course is taught by Dr. Nick Holton a PhD in psychology. Dr. Holton is the Chair of positive psychology at a LA-based independent school as well as an author in the field, and a consultant for a NCAA championship program, CEOs, businesses, schools and elite athletes & performers across many arenas. He has taught courses in positive psychology & cognitive sciences to secondary students, adults and private clients alike.

To find out more about Dr. Holton's work or book him for private, zoom sessions, visit his website (Google, "Eudaimonics") or e-mail him at nick@eudaimonics.org

Dr. Holton has been a professional teacher, coach and trainer for nearly two decades and has organized each lesson as he would one of his classes or training sessions. Each section includes videos, text summaries, assignments, additional resources, practice quizzes and references for further reading. The course includes hours of content that you can continue to use and refresh throughout the rest of your lives, delivered professionally, by a true expert in the field of Positive Psychology.

Who this course is for:
  • People looking for tangible personal growth strategies and in particular, strategies for enhancing happiness and performance.
  • Professionals looking to boost their performance (well-being makes us better at almost everything)
  • Parents looking to share with their kids
Course content
Expand all 40 lectures 01:51:11
+ Hack #1: Cultivating A Grateful Disposition
5 lectures 03:45
Hack #1 Lesson Outline
More on Gratitude
Last bit on Gratitude
The first of two empirically-backed ways to boost well-being and optimism
Gratitude Journals
1 question
The second empirical way to use gratitude to boost well-being.
Gratitude Visits
1 question
Gratitude Quiz
3 questions
+ Hack #2: Develop a Mindfulness Routine
6 lectures 07:59
Hack #2: Lesson Outline
Introduction to Mindfulness
Introduction to Mindfulness
What is Mindfulness?
What is Mindfulness?
Introduction to the premise and basic practice of doing something "mindfully"
Two Raisins
1 question
A guided, basic meditation and introduction to simple steps and goals for starting on your own.
Activity #2: Short Meditation
1 question
Recommendations for three apps that can help you turn your practice into a ritual that you engage in habitually.
Activity #3: Follow-up by checking out these apps
1 question
Mindfulness Quiz
3 questions
+ Hack #3: Play With and To Your Strengths
6 lectures 08:42
Hack #3 Lesson Outline
Introduction to Strengths
VIA Strengths
Take the VIA strengths inventory (free) and get a rank-order report of your VIA strengths
Assess Your Strengths
1 question
An activity designed to help you investigate and get to know some of your strengths
Get To Know Your Strengths
1 question
An activity designed to help you identify and appreciate one of your strengths.
Subtract a Strength
1 question
A similar activity that combines strength science with gratitude science.
Subtract Then Add
1 question
Learn to infuse strengths into daily activities to harness the power of extra engagement and satisfaction.
Develop a Strength
1 question
Making Strengths "Jagged"
Activity designed to help you more deeply develop strengths in ways that are challenging and more dynamic.
Make Them Jagged
1 question
Strengths Quiz
3 questions
+ Hack #4: Practice Kindness
4 lectures 03:06
Hack #4 Lesson Outline
Introduction to Kindness
Introduction to Kindness
Activity designed to help you practice kindness and get the happiness boost that can come with it
Identify and Perform Acts of Kindness
1 question
Changing it up and committing to acts of kindness over the course of a week
Acts of Kindness Through The Week
1 question
Combining strengths science and kindness science
Use a Strength to Perform a Kindness
1 question
Kindness Quiz
3 questions
+ Hack #5: Invest in Relationships
4 lectures 03:03
Hack #5 Lesson Outline
Importance of Relationships
Importance of Relationships
A practical and effective way to respond to the good news
Active Constructive Responding
1 question
Designing moments of collective or common emotional experiences
Collective Moments
1 question
Combining the science of three of our hacks to positively impact relationships
Kindness, Gratitude and Strengths
1 question
Invest in Relationships Quiz
2 questions
+ Hack #6: Find Flow
4 lectures 05:29
Hack #6 Lesson Outline
Introduction to Flow
First activity to get you started in thinking about your flow experiences
Finding Flow
1 question
Part of flow is finding appropriate challenges and harnessing the power of small wins. This activity will help you do that.
The 4% Challenge
1 question
Creating eudaimonia by experiencing flow while we work to develop strengths.
Flow + Strengths
1 question
Strategies for recover from flow so you can get back to it efficiently
1 question
Flow Quiz
2 questions
+ Bonus Content: Money & Happiness
6 lectures 08:34
Hack #7 Lesson Outline
Does Money Buy Happiness?
Does Money Buy Happiness?
Hedonic Adaptation & Spending Money
For setting goals for making your money count when it comes to happiness
Money Goals
1 question
For identifying where you put your money and how it can contribute to the PERMA-V model of well-being
Spending for PERMA-V
1 question
Money Quiz
2 questions
+ Bonus Content: Assessing Your Wellbeing
1 lecture 01:12
Empirical Tools for Happiness
Learn about and measure your PERMA
PERMA Profiler
1 question
Two more measures for well-being. The Subjective Well-being scale and the Satisfaction with Life Scale
1 question