The Hack Anxiety Toolbox
4.5 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
68 students enrolled

The Hack Anxiety Toolbox

Giving You The Tools To Power Past Your Anxiety & Set Yourself Free To Do Everything You Set Your Mind To!
4.5 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
68 students enrolled
Created by Mark DeNicola
Last updated 6/2018
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What you'll learn
  • How to embody a different view of anxiety that makes it more approachable (giving you more confidence in your ability to overcome it)
  • 8 unique tools to stop various forms of anxiety in its tracks when it strikes
  • A number of simple and healthy changes you can make to no longer be as prone to anxiety moving forward
  • A DESIRE and WILLINGNESS to put the necessary work in to truly equip yourself with what you need to overcome anxiety.

The Hack Anxiety Toolbox is a course designed to help you better understand your anxiety, give you a set of tools to tackle it when it arises, and provide the exercises and insight necessary to build an internal state of being that is far less prone to it longterm.

As a former severe anxiety sufferer, I know just how crippling anxiety can be. I once believed that I was destined to spend the rest of my life either caught up in an anxiety attack or living in fear of the next one, but after several years I hit a point where I refused to accept that as my reality.

I sought out anything and everything that I could. From books to seminars to counselling to energetic healing and so much more, I stopped at nothing to put at end to the anxiety that was controlling my life. It took me a long time -and the sifting through of a lot of very ineffective resources -but I figured it out, and now I'm incredibly passionate about sharing what I found to hopefully set you free from anxiety as well!

I've built this course to share with you all of the tools that have not only proven to be the needed antidote to conquering my own anxiety, but even the anxiety of dozens of others I've counselled over the years.


  • If you consistently live in fear of your next big anxiety attack
  • If you regularly let your anxiety hold you back from doing the things you normally would love to do
  • If you're ready to put the work in to conquer anxiety for good rather than always seek temporary fixes

Here's what some of the students who have used the course on other platforms have had to say:

"I love how the course teaches you about creating an environment where anxiety can’t thrive. It isn’t a quick fix, it actually gets to the root of things and gives brilliant tools and techniques that take away the fuel that allows anxiety to exist. If you want to stop letting anxiety take control of your life, you’ve got to know about these tools!" - Elina S.

"Immediately during and after watching The Hack Anxiety Toolbox, I felt more positive and connected in not only being able to control my own anxiety; but my entire well-being and life as a whole..." - Valerie B.

So if you're ready to reclaim the driver seat of your decision making from anxiety then I'll see you in The Hack Anxiety Toolbox!

Course Disclaimer: The Hack Anxiety Toolbox is solely for informational and educational purposes. Application of the tools, techniques, ideas, and course material is done at the user's sole discretion and risk. The creator of this material make no representations, guarantees, or warranties of any kind with respect the course's contents.  The Hack Anxiety Toolbox disclaims all such representations, guarantees, and warranties. Neither The Hack Anxiety Toolbox nor any of its creators, representatives or employees will be liable or responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in the course material.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who are regularly challenged by anxiety -whether it be triggered by public settings, travel, sleep, an overactive mind or anything else of that nature -but have a strong drive to overcome it.
Course content
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+ Welcome to The Hack Anxiety Toolbox
1 lecture 03:06

A quick rundown on how the course has been constructed as well as how I personally suggest you go through it to maximize the amount that you receive from it. Follow my instructions or create your own approach, this course is designed to be your personal assistant in creating an anxiety-free life.

Preview 03:06
+ Module 1: Anxiety & Me
5 lectures 49:36

Given the strength at which anxiety can strike and take over our lives, it's easy to see ourselves as a victim to it. While this belief is certainly justified, it's also one of the biggest things keeping our anxiety firmly planted within us. Let's begin conquering anxiety by taking responsibility for it and reminding it that we are always in control.

Preview 12:10

Anxiety just like every other challenging experience in life is powered by our beliefs. Rather than simply labeling everything as anxiety and working on that, let's peel back some of the layers to our anxiety to see what really gives it its strength. The more we expose it, the more vulnerable the anxiety becomes to being overcome.

1.2 - Let's Break It Down

No matter how dreadful our lives may seem right now, especially when our anxiety is active, we've all had wonderful moments in our life thus far. Not only were these moments wonderful to go through when we first experienced them but they're also an incredibly powerful tool in changing the way we look at anxiety and our experience with it.

1.3 - This Calls For A Celebration

While anxiety is likely our biggest obstacle in life right now, it certainly isn't our only one. Let's pull our attention to some of our other challenges in life to see what can be done about them. Chances are that they are far more approachable than our anxiety is, and our willingness to do so will also help to make anxiety that much less fearsome.

1.4 - Pick On The Little Guys

We all have role models in life and people that we idolize. Most of us even believe that if we were able to embody what they seemingly do, we'd not only be happier but far less prone to anxiety. Let's breakdown what we admire in others and find it within ourselves.

1.5 - Admire Yourself
+ Module 2: The Tools Part 1
4 lectures 38:26

For our first official tool for overcoming anxiety when it strikes, we are going to call on something we are all very easily capable of. That something is being grateful. Let's find out how we can use gratitude to break down an anxiety attack re-give ourselves control over our experience.

2.1 - Attack It With Gratitude

For our second anxiety conquering tool we are going to empower ourselves to fully dictate our own experience and surroundings when anxiety strikes. Saying "no" is a powerful stance that many of us struggle to deliver. Let's find out how we can better embrace it and how to use it effectively to overcome anxiety.

2.2 - The Double Sided Power Of Saying "No"

Rather than fearing anxiety and wanting it dead, with this tool we are going to let it embrace its status as a villain in our lives. We're going to give anxiety the attention and platform that it seemingly craves and see just how fickle its stance really is. Let's start calling out the bullshit that our anxiety has made seem so scary to this point.

2.3 - Air It Out

Anxiety is certainly not a laughing matter, but it's also not as serious as it makes itself out to be. It's time to do a little pleasant reminiscing to create a powerful tool that we can all call upon and refer to readily at any point that anxiety decides to strike.

2.4 - Laugh It Off
+ Module 3: The Tools Part 2
4 lectures 48:03

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been used to conquer a number of ailments and challenges in life. I used it regularly when struggling with anxiety and want to share with you how I specifically used it, to help you embrace its power as well. Let's start tapping the anxiety right out of us when it's active within us.

3.1 - Tap It Out

Our words carry a lot of power. That is just as true when dealing with anxiety. It's time we harness the power of our words to rewire our perception towards anxiety and to instead step into the strength that we all know we are capable of.

3.2 - Say It Like You Mean It

This tool is particularly powerful for those of us who have a difficult time staying still when anxiety is active within us. It's for those instances when anxiety manages to hijack our ability to sleep or even remain within a space that we otherwise need to be within. Let's find out how we can best overcome this form of anxiety to make this tool readily available to us should this form of anxiety ever strike.

3.3 - Sit In It

It may seem completely unrelated but one of the strongest antidotes against anxiety is genuine self-love. Self-love however, just happens to be one of the toughest things for most of us to feel. Let's see how we can more easily embody this state of being to keep a kryptonite of anxiety always on hand.

3.4 - I'm Still Here
+ Module 4: An Anxiety Free Me
4 lectures 41:55

The first key to building a state of being where we are far less prone to anxiety, is to look at what currently makes up our daily life. It's not about dropping responsibility or running from our current way of being, it's about finding ways to make more time for what we are passionate about. Let's start our journey to an anxiety-free long-term experience by assessing and addressing our daily life.

4.1 - How Did It Get This Way

No matter how you tend to experience anxiety it always occurs within our bodies. Let's take some time to look at our physical body to assess what it is trying to tell us and to empower ourselves to take action on it.

4.2 - It's Not That Complicated

Whether or not you consider yourself an organized person, we all create 'To Do' lists. They help to keep us on task and prevent us from forgetting important things. But could 'To Do' lists actually be doing more harm than good to us? And could they actually be contributing to our anxiety? Let's find out how we can continue to use them, but add to them to make them into a tool to overcome anxiety rather than contribute to it.

4.3 - What You Choose To Look At

It's time to get excited about anxiety! Yes, this may sound completely crazy, but it's definitely possible, and for me it was the KO punch in creating an anxiety-free life.

4.4 - Be Excited
+ BONUS: My Anxiety Story & Why I Created This Course
1 lecture 10:22

Anxiety affects millions of us worldwide, yet we all have our own unique experience of it. I've put this video together to share my own personal experience with anxiety which began in 2012.

It's this story and my persistence in overcoming it that inspired me to create The Hack Anxiety Toolbox, an online course that shares everything I used to become anxiety free.

Preview 10:22