H26: Patient Experience & HCAHPS, Plain & Simple

Learn about the power of measuring & acting on Patient Experience Data like that generated by the HCAHPS survey.
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Define patient experience and its importance to healthcare
List the various parts of the HCAHPS survey
Use HCAHPS to prioritize important quality Healthcare initiatives
Understand how patient experience impacts he strategy of the healthcare organization.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.



The healthcare market is becoming very competitive these days. Patients are much more involved in the decision-making process of where they will take their "healthcare business". If the services they receive are excellent from their perspective, they will return to that healthcare provider as loyal "customers". If the experience is marginal or even worse, they will likely go elsewhere. This bad experience is multiplied by the patient's power to convince their family and friends to take their healthcare services to a different healthcare provider. This is exactly why patient experience is so important these days. Without loyal patients, healthcare organizations can face financial ruin.


This course will present the fundamentals of patient experience, how it is measured and how we can use this patient experience data to drive change through new initiatives and strategic planning.

There are 2 parts to this course addressing the following topics:

   Part 1 (This course):

      *  What is patient experience?

      *  Intro to HCAHPS, the official measurement of patient experience

      *  HCAPS, A practical example

   Part 2:

      *  Net Promoter Score (NPS)

      *  Kano Model: prioritizing patent experience initiatives

      *  Mapping patient journeys

This Course addresses Part 1.


You will learn a lot from this course if you are

   *  Thinking about choosing healthcare as a career

   *  Looking to advance your career in healthcare

   *  Looking to expand your knowledge of healthcare to better perform your current job and better understand how it fits into the ecosystem of patient care and better serve those in need

   * Curious about everything and want to learn more about healthcare just for the sake of expanding your knowledge base.


My teaching style is a very pragmatic one. I assume you know nothing about this topic and start with the foundation and build from there. Some of these concepts could be challenging, so I sprinkle in as many examples as I can, both non healthcare and healthcare, to assure full understanding of the topic. This is why I have appended "Plain and Simple" to all my courses.


I spent 35 years in the designing and launching of medical imaging products and services. My career evolved from leading engineering teams, to becoming VP Marketing and then to president of a Healthcare IT firm. It is also based on 15 years of university teaching. You can find more details of my background in the instructor overview.

Who this course is for:

  • Those thinking about choosing healthcare as a career
  • Those looking to advance your career in healthcare
  • Those Looking to expand your knowledge of healthcare to better perform your current job
  • Those who are curious about everything and want to learn more about healthcare just for the sake of expanding your knowledge base.


A Practical Approach to Learning ... Plain and Simple
Thomas Giordano
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Tom Giordano is a 28 year veteran of Philips Healthcare. He retired in 2005 as Vice President of Marketing, where he was responsible for 240 marketing professionals and several billion dollars in product. Through his career, Tom held a wide variety of positions of increasing responsibility at Philips, starting in engineering, progressing to product management, then marketing management and finally senior level business leadership. In 2004, he was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award from Philips for forming a new entrepreneurial business unit that tripled sales in 18 months. Tom played a key role as a course developer and instructor in the management development and executive training efforts with the Philips High Potential Development Center.

Following his retirement from Philips, Tom joined the adjunct faculty of the graduate business schools of the University of New Haven in Connecticut and the University of Washington in Seattle.  He currently holds a positiion as "Executive in Residence" at the University of New Haven and continues to teach there with exceptionally high student reviews.

In 2009, while teaching at UW and UNH, he became President of Sectra Healthcare North America for 2 years to lead a very successful turnaround effort.

Tom built a very successful internship program between Philips and the University of Washington and served as a mentor there for 15 years.  He also served as a mentor in the University of Washington mentor program and was featured in the book "Mentoring Moments" by Susan Canfield.

Tom serves as chairman of the  Patient Advisory Council of Saint Vincent's Hospital in Bridgeport, CT

Tom holds executive coaching certifications with both Lore International and Tilt 360.   He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a MS degree in Engineering from the University of Florida.

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