A beginner`s guide to fingerpicking and strumming guitar"

How to learn fingerstyle, strumming, beginner, acoustic, rock, blues, pop, country and fingerpicking folk guitar
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (92 ratings)
9,939 students
A beginner`s guide to fingerpicking and strumming guitar"
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (92 ratings)
9,940 students
Play a large variety of essential acoustic guitar skills, techniques and songs which include classic fingerstyle songs, famous strumming songs, a 12 bar blues jam, how to play essential strum and fingerpicking patterns and more!


  • Be able to do the absolute basics on the guitar such as strum a few chords reasonably well. Apart from that, nothing. It`s all here and waiting for you!

I`m not one to toot my own horn, but I want to be straight with you. I have a LOT of real world experience teaching people how to play acoustic guitar in the most enjoyable and efficient way.

Most of my eBooks have gotten dozens and dozens of 5 star reviews on Amazon Kindle and continue to sell at a fast rate. My courses are all extremely popular and have been sold countless times all around the world.

The thing is, I was once an AWFUL guitar player. I was really bad and I made loads of mistakes when learning. 

If there was something one could do wrong, I did it. 

I took me a lot of trial and error to get good at playing but I did. I hated the struggle at the time but I genuinely think it made me the teacher I am today. 

I care genuinely about every students` success and have all the tools and experience to help every one of you succeed. 

Learning and getting good at the guitar can be tough but join me in this FREE course and see that things can be done the fun way. 

If you are interested in fingerpicking, strumming and fun stuff on the guitar, then you will love this course. 

If you are a beginner or have played for some time and find it a struggle, you will love this course. 

This course isn`t like any of my paid premium courses. It is simply a best of what I do, ordered in sections. 

Go through it, section by section, but feel free to hop about. 

This series of lessons is me giving something back to the wider guitar world. 

I hope you enjoy this fun course and get plenty from it. 

Any questions, fire away. Unlike most, I`ll answer them all.

Thanks and keep on strumming!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

Who this course is for:
  • Any guitarist who is interested in playing classic acoustic guitar songs and style.
8 sections • 22 lectures • 2h 13m total length
  • Welcome and start here...
  • Welcome to the best of Guitar Domination
  • Ben E. King - Stand By Me (Everyones`s favourite classic lovey dovey song!)
  • Oasis - Half The World Away (Super cool strumming song)
  • How`s it going so far? Time to take a breath
  • Idina Menzel - Let It Go (the annoying song from `Frozen`)
  • The Beatles - `Blackbird` (if Carslberg did Fingerpicking songs...)
  • The Ultimate Strum Pattern (is this the most popular strum pattern ever?)
  • `The Piano Strum` (how to take a really cool piano trick and play it on guitar)
  • Strum like a champ!
  • Do this if you haven`t already
  • The Sub Division Game (my unique method of super charging your rhythm skills!)
  • Smokehouse Blues - an original and super fun blues jam!
  • Free tab and more blues...
  • Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Elite Guitarist Inner Circle Exclusive)
  • Spanish Romance (it`s beautiful and it`s easier to play than you think!)
  • Get more EGIC lessons...
  • `The London Pattern` (the most important fingerpicking pattern ever!)
  • `The Going Up Pattern` (This is super cool and simple - great to get started on)
  • Get hold of some very cool guitar bonuses here...
  • Guitar Domination thanks you (with a final freebie)
  • If you enjoyed this course, you will love this...

Specialises in teaching over 40`s strumming + fingerpicking
Dan Thorpe (Guitar Domination)
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Dan Thorpe has taught over 120 guitar students over many years. He specialises in teaching beginners TO GET GOOD FAST.

The students Dan has taught have ranged from complete novice 60 year old+ students who have never even tried learning an instrument to awesome teenage guitar prodigies who all gets better and quicker.

Using ultra specific methods and techniques, the skills he has developed as a teacher have set him apart from the rest.

"Dan gets you results, it`s a simple as that." Rob - Private Guitar Student