Free Guitar Lessons - Very Brief Introduction

Friendly Guitar Approach. I'll show you every step with the guitar
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (20 ratings)
3,011 students
Free Guitar Lessons - Very Brief Introduction
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (20 ratings)
3,012 students
Learn Chords
Learn Scales
Learn how to improvise


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Want to learn how to play guitar? I have made this a very brief introductory course which covers open chords and some scales. It's important to practice the theory you have acquired to understand. This short course is beginner friendly. Knowledge is broken down into easy segments.

Have a realistic mindset when taking this course, all the information required is in my other course where the knots tie together. It would be silly to give too much information away for a free course.

Check out my full course - Ultimate Guitar - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced .You can get to it by clicking my profile name. It's logically structured and true to my word being the most direct course you can get.

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  • Students Wanting To Learn Guitar

Course content

5 sections • 7 lectures • 33m total length
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Professional Guitarist
Ashley Burrows
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I started to learn guitar from a young age and never looked back ever since I started. I have years of experience teaching students music theory, genre styles and loads more.

I am a qualified Grade 8 guitar tutor. I can get you closer to your goal.

So why not start learning guitar with me now?